Ardyth here with a video of my very first experience with the Artesprix Markers that are in the March kit!
I was amazed at how easy this process was for a first-timer, but I learned a couple of lessons too, so that my next project will be even better!
I started with the tote bag, which has a nice large surface area. I have the Petal Burst stencil from Birch Press designs, which has 4 petals and is quite large and I thought it would be fun to create a rainbow flower with it.

I taped the stencil to a piece of plain computer paper and drew the outlines of the 4 petals with the black marker. I used one of the narrow tips on the chisel tip to get a thin line. I turned the stencil and repeated that process to create my daisy.
Then I started colouring, this time using the whole chisel tip of each marker. My petals overlapped, so I was hoping that these inks would blend to create new shades, but they didn’t really do that. The inks looked a bit muted at this point.
Then it was time to apply some heat. I used my household iron and followed the instructions on the marker box. I wanted to be sure to transfer all the ink, so I think I overheated the tote bag and got a bit of a halo where it had started to burn. But wow, those colours really came alive!
My design idea was to have the flower off-the-edge, and you can see that the edges are not perfect. For next time, I would either centre the design or work on making sure that the edges were transferred better.
So a couple of little challenges and things to work on, but overall, a fabulous, first-time experience!