Ardyth here, back again with a second project using the Artesprix Markers that are in the March kit!
This time, I thought it would be fun to just free hand a design to use on this little change purse. I figured that people who don’t own stamps and stencils may also enjoy these markers, especially when they see how easy they are to use.
I started by trimming a sheet of computer paper to approximately the same size as the change purse. I drew some simple flower shapes on it, filling in the petals with some details in deeper colours. I made them different colours and sizes to keep things fun and then I added in some green leaves, remembering that the colours would be fairly muted at this stage.
To fill out the design, I added some purple and blue dots all over. 
I took the design and change purse to my iron and this time I was careful to not burn my project. I kept the iron moving and it took a very short time to transfer the colours to the white change purse.
Once again, the colours were vibrant and beautiful!
As an experiment, I tried using the same coloured image to get another impression on the back. I wasn’t sure if there was still enough ink on the paper or if it had all transfered to the fabric.
I got a very light impression on the back, so I would say that generally each design is one-use only.
These markers would be a great way to preserve, display or even wear a child’s art work – just let them draw and colour with these markers and then iron them onto a suitable item of your choice.