Hi Hollowers!

Today I have a great shake flavour for you.  Today also marks the third time lucky attempt at starting a second 21 day fix, last week was another tough one but I think we finally have the support and help we need to get Maddi back on track, which is great news.  I know many of you have had difficult experiences with your children and I can’t thank you enough for the outpouring of love from so many of you, firstly for Maddi but secondly for us as parents, so many of you have offered us support or another parent to talk to and it means so much to know how many of you really do care about our prickle.  Once Maddi has a diagnosis and the support she needs I will blog about it because I really would not want any other family to feel as helpless as we have at times, however, I do now feel we are making headway, which is such a relief.

Back to our post! Today I am creating one of my favourite puddings, black forest gateaux.  My Grandma used to make the best one ever, she was German and her mother had grown up in the black forest; while this probably wasn’t why, she used to tell us stories about her as a child riding bare-back through the forest with her Grandfather (my great-great-grandfather) and her grandmother who had left the life of privilege as a princess to be with her true love, it was such a wonderful story.  I also remember she used to make something called ‘plaatenkuchen’ i’m not sure if I spelt that right, but I never got her recipe before she passed away, I have googled and can’t find it, I am told it is an old german cake (full of a million calories!), ll I remember was how delicious it tasted!

You can make the black forest shake with any combination of cherry flavours, I like to add some fresh or frozen pitted cherries as well as some cherry sugar free jello.  I add one of my fruit containers of cherries and a tsp of Jello.  I have just called it cherry flavouring below, but take you pick as to how much cherry you enjoy.  You can use red or black cherries, both are yummy, but I find red ones are easier to come by.

Black Forest Shakology

1 scoop of chocolate protein shake base or 1 shakeology packet

8 fl oz of base (I like an almond and coconut water mix from Pure)

1 tsp of chocolate sugar free jello

Cherry flavouring – as above

Ice to taste (I like a scoop or 6-8 large cubes)

Depending on thickness once its blending sometimes you need a shot of water to thin it down but I don’t add that until blended so I can adjust accordingly.

As ever thanks for stopping by, I am a little behind this week as we have spent so much time with Maddi and getting her the care she needs.  I plan to stop by with a few fun tips later in the week, don’t forget you can join us every morning at 11.30am EST on facebook for stamping hints and tips!

Happy Stamping!