Hi Hollowers!

I am really struggling to get going with my 21-day fix, I am doing well with my eating and with my shakes but fitting in a workout has been hard, however, i’m pleased to report the weight is not only staying off but I am loosing a steady 1-2 pounds a week, I know I could make this higher but it’s not going to happen no until summer break but if I can loose a few lb’s between now and then I would be very happy!

Today I have a great shake recipe for you, I bought Maddi a Smores Frappuccino the other night when we were out shopping and I noticed my favourite Mint Mocha Frappe was back, however, the nutritional value is off the chart in the wrong ways so I decided to set about recreating it with my shakes, it took a couple of day but I now have the perfect recipe for you!

Mint Mocha Shakeology

1 Scoop or 1 packet Chocolate Shakeology Base

8 fl oz of base (I like a coconut water & unsweetened almond mix)

1 double espresso or 6 fl oz of strong black coffee (an espresso gives you a bigger taste of coffee, the other is more creamy)

1 tsp of chocolate sugar free Jello

1 tsp of pure mint extract

(Optional: 1/2 tsp of pure dark chocolate extract)

Ice to taste, I add around 6-8 cubes plus a shot of cold water

This is a perfect recreation of a Starbucks favourite, i’m going to try a few more frappes to recreate as they are much healthier summer alternative.  I also found you can add a tablespoon of greek yogurt to add extra creaminess.

The biggest tip I can give you it to play around with Shakeology flavours, we have one here for you every Monday but why not add your favourite ingredients and see how it comes out.  I’d love to hear you favourites.

Happy Shaking!