Hi Hollowers,

I can’t believe how popular part one of our alcohol marker skill builder last week.  I have the first few lessons planned out but this skill builder is for you and I am happy to be guided by things that you would like to learn.  Today is all about what ink to use.  I know this is a heated subject so I thought I would cover a large section of what is out there, we in fact look at 10 options and why some of them don’t work!

Let’s take a look at the video and I will walk you through some of the images…

The biggest thing I hope you can take away from his is:

Always use opposite inks vs coloring medium

Dye/Water Based Ink: Alcohol/Solvent coloring

Solvent Based Ink: Water based coloring

Mr HH did make one error, he forgot to photograph the umbrella ink and momento pieces, it wasn’t intentional to leave them out! It is worth talking about them though, they are great basic inks and if you don’t marker color often enough to need a specific ink or you are just starting out then these are perfect.  Now I want to show you two inks NOT to use, they are alcohol based so will react with your alcohol marker.

Now onto good options, first of all pigment ink; more specifically Versafine and Adirondack.  These need to either been completely heat set or preferably add clear embossing powder and then heat for a steadfast line.

My two preferred options are either versa mark with any color of embossing powder, be warned you will color the set powder if you color over it.  We will show you a trick with that in a later video.  Plus MFT Hybrid, if you watch my videos regularly you know I LOVE this ink and you can use it with any coloring medium.  You can even switch back and forth on the same image!

Last of all, I wanted to look at the Lawn Fawn offerings, the black licorice is a staple in my ink drawer. (I like variety!)  The jet black is excellent as it’s built to work with alcohol markers; however, I still recommend heat setting.

Finally, here is a supply list of everything I used and discussed:

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you are following along and learning with me on this series.  Join me tomorrow for some more LDRS Design Team Inspiration, trust me you don’t want to miss our interactive card! Finally, on Saturday we will have a giveaway for our 8,000 subscriber milestone; plus details of a very special event coming to the Hollow in October!

Happy Stamping!