Hey there, Jenny here. Today I’ll be creating a scrapbook page using August’s kit. The focus of this layout is a watercolour technique you can use on pretty much any creative project.


Before you watch the video, let me give you a quick explanation of the technique and a few tips to make it work for you.

  • You can use any water-based medium for this effect, paints, pens, mists. You can even use watered down acrylic paint, but the result won’t be quite so vibrant. If you use anything solvent-based, you won’t have the same impact as you can’t move the pigment around in the same way – it will stay where it’s put.
  • Use a waterproof ink; it will allow you to work over the ink without muddying your colours and ensuring that the ink stays put – the ink in the kit was PERFECT for this.
  • I used watercolor paper as it has a longer drying time and doesn’t disintegrate. I used a smooth finish as it allows me to get a good impression with the stamp and 300gsm so I can add plenty of water. There are other types of cardstock out there, but this is my preference – in general, I find the brand doesn’t matter, it’s all about the finish and the weight.
  • Let everything dry! This technique requires a little patience, and you will need to embrace the organic nature of the water. Don’t try to make it perfect; let the water do the work and trust the process. It will look fantastic in the end, and you can always cut out the flowers and use them as embellishments.

Got it? Great! Let’s take a look at this process in action.

And here’s the finished page. I think it looks so pretty and the background could easily be a store-bought paper!


The most important thing? Have fun and enjoy yourself. It’s only paint and paper!