Hi Hollowers!

Baby bear is back!  I can’t believe how many views it has had (over 5000); thank you to each of you; in case you missed the original video you can click here to view it.  However, it is by no means perfect; it is upside down, the sound wasn’t great and I had terrible hay fever which I know drove some people nuts!  But….i’m please to say I have done a re-run this time with some different colour ideas.  Bear with me (I couldn’t resist) as there a lot of photos to this post but once you watch the video you will understand why and they are great to refer back to!  So a little unusually he is the the video first:

Now here are pictures of all the bears layer by layer…

multi colour bear 3
multi colour bear 2
multi colour bear 5
multi colour bear 6
multi colour bear 7
multi colour bear 1

Aren’t they all so gorgeous? I think I need to make something with them all! I know today was photo heavy but I hope that baby bear made up for it.  Can’t wait to see your ideas when he come out June 1st; if you make one please tag #HedgehogHollow so I can see what you’ve made.