Hi Hollowers!

Things are so busy here at the Hollow! We have three major projects in the works, you may have seen some sneak peaks on instagram? I am also catching up from having three sick days this week, I never take a sick day so taking three meant I had to be REALLY ill, I even sat ont he sofa for a day and didn’t move, Greg knew that wasn’t right!  I am also sad I haven’t had the chance to pick up my knitting needles for weeks, I have a cable jumper for Tilly that needs a front to match the back!  As you know I normally have a video for you on a Sunday but today was tax prep day, I meant to do it Wednesday which became tomorrow and then tomorrow again so today it was! As Tilly doesn’t have and can’t have a social security number i have to file in person at the IRS office to get her a Tax ID.  Our appointment is monday so it really couldn’t wait.  Instead I thought I would catch you up on my 21-day fix journey so far, tomorrow I will be filming a tutorial and a review of ink week for you to use as a quick reference guide so there will be a flurry of posts this week to get caught up.  On our Facebook live’s this week we will look at embossing inks and powders before concluding the week with stamp cleaning tips and products.

Last week I told you about my new journey on the Beachbody 21 day fix, you left me so many lovely comments about my post and I felt I had so many of you standing behind me.  I said I would stop in and let you know how it was going,  normally this will be a Monday feature but while we get back up to speed I swapped them around.  So here we go with week 1’s diary:

Day 1 – Today was a great day, I worked out in the morning, also did a small workout in the evening for 10 minutes to get to my Apple Watch target.  I ate well, couldn’t eat all of my portions particularity enough vegetables.  The girls in my ring tell me to try to eat all my portions of everything but it’s really hard! I tried my first shake, didn’t get the recipe just right; it was very gloopy and thick, more like pudding, note to self is to try diluting it more or adding less banana.  I’m not sure about the taste but maybe it will grow on me!? I worked really hard to drink all my water, that was the hardest part of today!

Day 2 – I am SO SORE! Everything hurts, not just aches but hurts, going up and down stairs is hard, every movement in my legs is killing me! I decide to take it easy and do the yoga session, something is better than nothing, right? I ate well again, today I have a plain shake, not a good idea, not for me at least, I like the almond milk (I think) but the shake was too malty for my taste, i’m told after a week you love them so I will keep trying recipes! Still struggling with the water intake, I didn’t do as well as yesterday but still drunk lots more than usual.

Day 3 – Oh dear! I was so sick all night! I couldn’t even do my facebook live! (I felt so guilty ducking out on that one!) There was definitely not going to be a shake today, I just lived on water all day, I was still quite sore too so I took everything easy.

Day 4 – I felt a bit better by the second day so I was sensible with my eating, I ate breakfast had a vanilla and strawberry shake, still a bit too thick but good flavour combination!  I had a Chipotle for dinner, as I don’t eat cheese or guacamole it was pretty healthy and the girls tell me its not even cheating! I even managed the yoga workout which I was really pleased with.  I did OK with my water intake but not as good as I know I can.

Day 5 – Today was a bad day, I felt ill when I woke up, I passed out whilst at the grocery store, the loveliest couple came to my aid, loaded up my shopping into the boot and helped me call Greg to come and rescue me.  I can barely remember my Facebook live I felt like I was observing someone else doing it, I spent most of the day in bed.  Greg bought me a Steak & Shake BBQ Western Burger (one of my fav) AND a mint oreo shake…oops! It was all I ate all day and I had felt so awful I let myself off. However, I didn’t manage a workout and my water intake was poor too, after a strong telling off I moved onto Saturday…

Day 6 – Today started well, I make a salted caramel shake…yum! Loved that recipe and it tasted so good! We had some lovely smoked salmon bagels for breakfast. We weer so busy all day I managed 75% of my full water intake which was awesome and heading back in the right direction.  I made a Beachbody recipe for turkey chili, it was so tasty, I added spinach to get in more veggies.  Greg & I also tried the spinach, strawberry and walnut salad which was yummo! However, in all the crazy I didn’t get the time to work out, that part really sucked considering how well I did at eating and water.

Week 1 Progress:

4 lbs lost

1″ lost from the waist

3″ lost from each thigh

Overall his week has been up and down and not helped by my tummy bug, but the eating hasn’t been an issue at all, something which has really surprised me.  I have a weekday time that really works for my workout but fitting it into our jam packed weekend schedule is a big challenge and something I need to work out.  Water, this is a big one for me, I struggle to drink as much as I need; the program calls for half your current weight in fl oz, for me that’s ALOT! I can just about manage an average of 68 ounces but I need just under double that, it’s really tough!

I love seeing progress so quickly, it’s not just about the inches they tell you to measure or the number on the scale.  I notice walking upstairs is easier, the swelling in my legs has gone down alot, not all the way but a noticeable difference that more lower legs have some shape back and my ankle is an ankle rather than a bulge.  I am so happy I took on this challenge, I know there will be really hard days, days where all I want is to scoff down a Big Mac or a bar of chocolate, but the girls in my ring make me realize there will be bad days and that’s OK, we all need some TLC food sometimes but getting back on the program the next day is the most important part and not to let that become the norm again.

Thank you so much for stopping by and being part of this personal journey.  I will be back tomorrow with a crafty post for you.

Happy Stamping