Hi Hollowers,

I know I say this every week but thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the comments and emails of encouragement I have received from you, they mean so much to know how many of you I have cheer leading as I begin this new journey.  Week 2 went pretty well, here’s a round up:

Day 7 – I did really well again with water and my food intake, I find a good snack in the evenings of Greek yogurt, mixed fruits and some flaked coconut really hits the spot and stops me being too hungry in the evenings or when I go to bed.  Still didn’t get that workout in, it seems tob e really hard to fit it in with family commitments and blogging on the weekends, need to get better at that!

Day 8 – This week is spring break, it’s going to be a tight fit to get it all in, Maddi had great fun making up a shake recipe with me and she loves entering my food into the app so hopefully she will keep me on track.  Got workout in, great food and water too!  We went out for dinner with some friends and whilst I ddidnt make the healthiest choice they were healthier than I would have chosen before.

Day 9 – Urgh! Today was a visit to the IRS office to get Tilly’s tax ID, I was dreading it, but actually they were running early (shock horror!), we were in and out before our appointment time! We came home, put Tilly down for a nap and Maddi helped me work out, she decided to make up her own moves as we went along!

Day 10 – Things are going great! Maddi and I worked out again together, made up some more great shake recipes (chocolate and cherry is her favourite!), I also ate pretty well (veggie straws were a bit of a slip up), and the water intake was moderate!

Day 11 – Today was a terrible day, I worked out first thing while Maddi was doing some homework but we have to see her paediatrician and got a diagnosis for her which was quite upsetting (more about that in a future blog post), I wanted to just sit and eat chocolate and chips all night, but I resisted on the whole, just having a small Milka bar to satisfy the urge, we had Chipotle for dinner which was a good take-out choice and drank lots and lots of water!

Day 12 – We made a quick dash to get out to the grocery store in the morning after my FB live, 4 hours later we eventually got home after stopping off at Barnes and Noble for a new reading book for Maddi as well as at Chick-Fil-A, I did give in and have a small kids meal, but I did pick water over soda so it wasn’t all bad, I had a healthy dinner and early to bed!

Day 13 – What a busy day! I have written, photographed and filmed 5 blog posts for you all! There is so much fro next week we are bursting at the seams with projects, round up videos as well as the new Simon Says Stamp release they sent me a set to make a launch project for you! (it’s a really really pretty set!)….shall I show you a sneak peak? Oh, yes still no work out…oops!

Day 14 – Where did today go? Greg is at a conference next week so it was busy busy packing and getting prepared for the week, I did do the Yoga video with Maddi as that’s her favourite but I didn’t get my full workout in, onwards and upwards! Made the most delicious dinner with lemon pepper breadcrumbed chicken and broccoli from the Beachbody website.

Wow! What a week! It’s been full of emotional ups and downs, busy as it was spring break and preparing for Greg’s departure this week.  I felt good that even when I really wanted to dive into the snack food I had something to stave off the craving and give me some feel good but I stuck to my meal plan overall.  I also learned that sometimes you need to give in to a little of what you fancy.  I still need to work on being healthier when we eat out, but I’m a work in progress and taking heart for little wins and positive improvements.

Overall, I have stayed the same rough weight (the scale says +1 lb from last week but we all fluctuate so i’m trying not to read too much into that).  The inches really tell the story with an inch off my chest, and inch off my upper arms, 2 inches off my waist, an inch off my hips and an inch from each calf.  The biggest thing is how I feel, I feel healthier, going upstairs is easier, I have less joint pain, all of which are amazing! To see such amazing results really spur you on! I never feel hungry, in fact I usually can’t get all my portions in! My favourite flavour of shake is chocolate orange, using pure orange and chocolate essence to give the best flavour!  I keep jotting down ones that really work and will do a post at some point on some ideas for you.

Thanks for stopping by and cheering me along this personal change.