Hi Hollowers!

In a recent survey lots of you asked to see what I get up to outside of the craft room so this week I am going to show you the new deck I created for the family! The house we bought definitely needs alot of work and there’s lots of projects to do.  Greg really wanted to turn the cover deck into an outdoor lounge so when Wagner asked if I wanted to try their FLEXiO system I knew this was the perfect project!

This post is sponsored by Wagner but all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own

So let’s start with the before:

The space isn’t that large, maybe 15 x 10 feet; but I had a rough idea of what I wanted to create and our siding is beige which isn’t great for opening up a space and making it look big so I wanted to spray it white.  I was going to leave the wood the same color as all our fences and the stairs are all the same color as I had someone paint last year.

The Process

The first thing I needed to do was cleaning the siding; I don’t think it had ever been cleaned, I had hired a pressure washer from Home Depot, it was a disaster, it didn’t start, we spent forever trying to start it, so I gave up! I got the hose out and gave it a hose down to get the worst off and then I grab my bucket and sponge and added sugar soap (TCP); then I hosed off any residue, it seemed to do the trick…have you eve seem anyone so happy you be cleaning?!

Next up is the REALLY boring bit, taping up and adding plastic drop clothes anywhere you don’t want to spray; BUT it was really worth it because after it all just pulled off and was such easy clear off, I can’t imagine not having done it and having to touch up all those places or remove paint so I strongly advise doing the prep work! I like frog tape, as always I’ve linked everything up lower down 🙂

Now we get to spray!! The process was sooooo easy, I used the FLEXiO system, specifically the 3000. I had never done the before so I had no expectations, but the assembly was quick less than 5 minutes, I strongly advise the bags as they made clear up quick and easy (and I’m all about that!).  It also comes with a cleaning brush and every part comes apart so again it appeals to my lazy crafting rules!!  Let’s take a look at the process video of spraying the deck…

I think that thumbnail says Greg and Tilly are enjoying it!! There’s a few spoilers in there too as to how it starts to come together, here’s a links to most things I used so far, if you want to know anything else just leave me a comment or use the contact the Hollow, (affiliate links may be used at no cost to you):

That’s it for today! Tomorrow I will be showing the furniture I thrifted and how I painted those, then the trinkets I up cycled theres some pretty big changes there! Then we have paint pouring, super simple pillows, new base cushions as you’ll see my couch was in really bad shape and then the final reveal so I’ll hope you’ll join me for more!

Happy Crafting!

Alexandra & The Prickle