Hi Hollowers

As you know things have been a little quiet over here but with good reason! And now I can finally share our news with you!…..

The Hollow is moving across the pond!

That’s right our Prickle is packing up and moving Stateside! Hedgehog Hollow will continue and I have still got some projects to share with you and I will pop in as often as I can throughout the process.  Right now we are filing for our visa’s and we just got pre-approved for our mortgage so we are looking at houses.  if you are in the Akron area I would love to here form you.  made will be going to school in Hudson and we will be living in the area.  i expect to fly out in the middle of November!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I can’t wait to share some of my makes with you, I have been stealing the odd moment to card make in between movers, home schooling and all the endless paperwork involved in such a big move!