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Welcome back for another great tool comparison, today we are looking at blending tools.  Many of you have seen me use the barber brushes and have asked why I don’t use the Ranger tool that so many crafters swear by; many of you also mentioned the clarity brushes.  First of all take a look at this short video using all three and then I have some pictures of the samples and a brief summary for you!

I hope you found that comparison useful, they are three very popular tools.


I have been using the barbers brushes for nearly 10 years, the ones featured in my video are my originals, they stand up to anything, they are great to play with water, alcohol, inks, etc.  Because they are built to with-stand chemicals and soaps from shaving foam, etc.  I have never got on with the ranger tool in either the rectangle or circle, I always get harsh edges and I don’t feel I have the control or flexibility that I have with my brushes.  The Clarity brushes intrigued me, they are so pricey at nearly $35.00 for four, I really hoped I would have an ‘a-ha’ moment when I used them, but I was quite disappointed, yes they come in different sizes but as I mentioned you could trim down a barber brush. I could buy nearly 14 of the barbers brushes for the cost of 4 clarity brushes; I would constantly be washing them out as I could only justify one set; I have 10 barber brushes and never find I need more, that would cost you about $25; and you would have one for each main color ROYGBIV plus a few spare for trimming, lighter shading, etc.  As promised here is a picture for the three samples…

I also couldn’t go without posting that awesome front picture Mr HH took! It looks so bright and vivid, I thought he had photoshopped it but I held up the colors to my 5k screen and they are a perfect match!

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****UPDATE**** Following all your tips on different papers and techniques I did a follow up video,

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