Hi Hollowers,

I know you were expecting my honey bee stamps post today, well it turns out bee’s can’t fly in the rain! Last night Mr HH flooded the entire house, there was 3 inches of standing water in the master bath, it went down the vents so my basement was also flooded through the ceiling, most of my craft supplies were ok but my sewing machine and serger are a write off 🙁 I also lost some machine accessories, sewing bits and bobs, fabric etc.  The Hollow avoided most of the damage, a little bit of water on the floor caught a few things and we will see how they dry out.  However, Mr HH’s camera is sodden, his lovely lens is soaked so they will need to be replaced; this office was flooded as it was under the master bath, plus the family room, luckily the losses in there are small.  Greg’s office took the biggest hit, his gaming computer, tv, games consoles, everything just had water pouring through them!  So this is my view right now, all very dark as I can’t have the lights on where the water ran through them, plus of course we through everything out the way of the water.

The house is full of dehumidifiers and big fans; it’s so noisy that we are staying in a hotel.  Monday morning they are coming to rip up all the flooring and maybe a couple of areas of drywall and one ceiling, depending how it all dries out! So much for a weekend of work to catch up!! I will be back to videoing ASAP, my Honey Bee video is nearly finished so I will aim to publish it Monday for you.  Tomorrow I have a pre-filmed Christmas in July segment for you with Elizabeth Craft Designs which I know you will LOVE, so many techniques in a small space but also quick and easy to make in volume.  As soon as the fans go I can get back to videoing, i’m not a big fan of vote overs, I always forget the little tips that you use as you go along!

So for now, I am going to get my jellies on and start some of the clear up and work out what needs to be replaced!  Stick in there with us and I will see you tomorrow for a great feature with ECD and again on Monday at 11.30EST on Facebook for our live, maybe we will have an outdoor live!?!

Happy Stamping!