Hi Hollowers!

I often write a post and leave it in draft just in case some you ask questions on a subject.  Our upgrades to the photography and videography here at the Hollow was one of those! I had drafted this post thinking I would post it in a  few weeks, but after receiving lots and lots of questions I have decided to put it up today.  So, yesterday I showed you a sneak peak of our new set up…

We spent around $500 on upgrades and I think it is well worth it, look at this gorgeous picture we took yesterday, it for a tutorial we have coming up this week, its crisp, vibrant and looks so inviting!

So lets take a tour of the new area, i’m a lucky girl as Mr H-H paid for university by doing event photography so we already had some equipment (and his talent!) but I will walk you through it all with our opinions on each…. (I have used affiliate links at no additional cost to you)

First up is the camera, we have a 40D and have had this a while; it’s a great all round good value DSLR with great result,  the new model is called 80D, there are of course a few small upgrades but it’s a great all rounder.   Long term I have promised to upgrade him to a 5D which is the dream camera; hopefully he will live the dream! Here’s links to both depending on what your budget is or if you want to see how they measure up:

Mr H-H tells me that the lense is more important than the camera, we have a couple that we use, most often we use our Canon EF 100mm f2.8, but i’d recommend the Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L IS USM Macro which is on our shopping list. We also use our Canon 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM which is a good all round lens for Hedgehog Hollow but also for great day to day shots of the children or out and about.  However, in place of this I would recommend the Canon EF 24-70mm F/2.8 L II USM which is also on our shopping list when we can afford it; I have linked first the two we have now and the two dream lenses underneath:

Tripods…I was always a little skeptical on this one and originally bought a good value all rounder, however, I just let him upgrade to a ManFrotto and boy can I see the difference! The thing to remember with the ManFrotto is you need a head additionally to attache the camera to, we are currently saving up for the gear head linked below, and in the interim we bought an inexpensive ball head to mount on, again I have linked both options depending what you want and your budget:

Next up is lighting, we decided to buy a kit and see how we got on, this one was amazing value on Amazon, having 3 lights, diffusers, reflectors, and such a great price; in all honesty we didn’t have high hopes but it really surprised us, and the additional lighting we were thinking about really isn’t needed at this point, if you make any purchase I really recommend this one; just remember to order the reflector stand and arm as well, otherwise you have no way of holding it…as we found out and now we have one on order!

Backdrops, you may have noticed we hanged ours up, I wanted to go lighter for some pieces so we ordered this inexpensive black backdrop and I bought so wood effect ceramic tiles in Lowe’s which work perfectly, the backdrop is over a shower curtain (waaaay cheaper than the stands) and held in place with these clips:

Now, many of you asked about my desk mount, it is awesome for my Facebook Live’s and my top down, we are also using it as another lighting holder in the picture above; its so easy to clamp on and off, you need the arm and the two clips i’ve linked below but it is a game changer for me (Mrs Pessimistic); i’ve also linked the quick release plate and phone holder I use, this is one thing I have bought loads off and have found this to be the best value and very sturdy:

Last up is the USB extension cables that you can live shoot with straight to your Mac or PC, this gives you a good length and I really recommend using this feature.

I will keep updating this as we buy more equipment so you can refer back to it at anytime.  if you have any questions please send me a message or leave a comment, I really do try to respond to you all.