Hi Hollowers!

I am so thrilled to have been asked to be a guest designer for Whimsy Stamps.  As soon as I started shopping my list became quite endless! I am so excited to show you what I have coming up!  Look at this special badge I will be adding to my sidebar!

Now let’s have a look at the project…

Mr HH has gone to town on his close-up shots, macro photography is his favorite and this card has so many techniques and details that he was a happy chap!  Look at the effect on the mushroom!

Many of your asked for more Copic tutorials, I am going to pitch at every skill level and size of collection! I am lucky enough to have nearly all of them, last week we did a project with a very limited number, on this one I used quite a few, but you could adapt it for your scene and collection; I try to always make a project with lots of elements your can cherry pick from or adapt to suit what you have (or give you an excuse to expand!).  Let’s take a look at the video before I tell you more…

Here’s a close up of the grass, I encourage you to pacts laying your tip on the side and practice your flick, we can build on this in a later video.

I also want to show you the rain before we get to the supply list, remember I flicked the wrong way with my anti-gravity rain!  Look at the sky too, I love how it’s still got the happy blue with those sultry grey shades, the good weather is trying really, really hard!

Plus the realistic rain I feel is about to drip off the leaf!

Now let’s look at the supply list, I have all the Copic colors I used below the list and I linked up the two favorite places I purchase from depending if I am buying one (SSS) or a bunch (Blick’s).  Affiliate links used where possible at no additional cost to you…

I was going to list out the Copics I used, so I asked Mr HH to take a picture of me holding them so I could refer back, but it turned out great so I thought I’d add that too; the ciao you can’t see is R02.  For reference the full list is: r02, r22, r46, r14, r05, r27, r0000, b06, g94, w3, e99, e29, b95, b21, g82, e71, 0, w8, b000, g07, e74, w6.

I have just a few more pictures for you too, this is one of the shell, you remember those dots I told you about? Look how effective they are!

Finally I will leave you with a picture of just the card.  As always, feel free to pin or save these pictures; I would love for you to recreate this card or use it for inspiration just please link back to the Hollow.  Also, don’t forget to enter freebie Friday, only a few days left!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Stamping!