Hello!  It’s Jill here with my third project for the Hedgehog Hollow Subscription Box.  Are you just starting with Copic coloring with a limited supply for colors? Or are you short on time but REALLY want to Copic color a particular stamp for a card?  Then have I got the solution for you today!

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Today, I’m coloring the largest peacock image using my Copic Markers.  I’m using a total of nine markers for the entire image. I wanted to color this majestic bird in a rainbow, so I selected one of each color (ROYGBIV) from my Copics.

The key to your Copic colors blending smoothly from one color to the next to keep them about the same values.  What do I mean by this? Try to keep the first number of the Copic color the same. This is not going to be 100% across the board, but it will give a great place to start for your specific color selection.  Most of my colors begin with either a “0” or “1”. Except for my red marker -it’s an R29.

I also grabbed my C5 and C1 markers.  We’ll get to these in just a few minutes.

I started with my red marker and just flicked the color into the top of the tail of my stamped image.  I didn’t pay any attention to the individual feathers. We’ll do that part in a moment.

Next, I flicked in the orange color.  And then the yellow. And I did this with each color until I colored in the entire tail of the peacock.  You may need to go back and forth a couple of times between two colors to get a beautiful blend. The closer your marker values are to each other, the easier it will be to blend the different color families.

Now comes the wow part!  Take that C5 marker and color in your shadows.  Instead of using various shades of the same color to add the shadow and depth, we’re using the C5 as a shadow color.

You can stop right here, or you can easily add another layer of color.  If you want that shadow to more intense, wait a few minutes between layers of color.  If you want the shadow to be softer, then add the C5 immediately.

To finish off this card, I die cut the panel with the peacock on it using a stitched rectangle die from MFT.  Then I die cut three pieces of black cardstock using the same rectangle die. This allowed me to back the front panel and give it a little extra something behind it.  It makes all the difference on a white-on-white card.

I also add a diecut “hello” from MFT, Nuvo Glitter Gloss, and clear jewels.

I hope you enjoyed this quick way to add depth to your Copic coloring.  Don’t forget to head over to the Hedgehog Hollow Shop to get your subscription box now!