I received the March kit today – I was so excited to try out these Artesprix Markers! Just in case you haven’t seen any videos yet, they are permanent thermal transfer markers… and they are amazing.

Even though I knew this month’s kit had the markers inside; I made a point not to research them beforehand so my project results would be a surprise (I love surprises, especially with new products!).

The first thing I did after unboxing was deciding I need to make a swatch of what the colors look like once they are transferred to fabric. What better way to do that use the little preprinted mandala and white coin purse (it came in the box as a regular subscriber bonus)?!

So that’s just what I did. I used every marker in the box to color in the image, then trimmed down the edges a bit to help position it on the coin purse. I gotta tell ya; I was a bit disappointed at first at how muted the colors looked as I was coloring. Little did I know!

To do the transfer, I used a CricutEasy Press 2 (the small 6″ x 7″ size) and pressed the paper at 360F for 90 seconds.

I was floored at how bright and vibrant the transfer was! Nothing like what I’d colored. You can see how muted the markers look on the paper, but wow, the result was stunning 🙂

Of course, I had to add in a bit of something sparkly, and there was some heat-set glass gems in my stash, so I tacked those on very lightly with a gem setting tool before giving it one more 20-second press with the EasyPress to secure them.

Note: The EasyPress is safe to use on the coin purse. If you decide to use a gem setting tool for any project, test an inconspicuous area of the fabric first! It gets super hot and can scorch or melt your project. Do not touch the tip directly on the coin purse. 

Then to finish off this cute little project, I looped some bright green ribbon through the zipper as a pull.

Thanks for reading today! You need to try out these fabulous Artesprix Markers in the March kit – you’re gonna love them!

Niki (@cardstoq on IG, FB, PIN, AND TW)