Day 2 Of Our Crayola Instagram Takeover

Learn how to make mess free Summer Slime with Crayola Washable Color glue.  You heard correct.  Washable!  What do crafts, art projects and children all have in common?  They tend to leave messes behind.  Sometimes the messes are small, but sometimes… the messes are stressful!  This week’s Instagram takeover for Crayola takes the stress out, and leaves fun behind.

Crayola Washable Color Glue makes summer slime mess free and super sticky!

Crayola gave us the keys to takeover Instagram this week to sponsor so many art and craft tutorials with Crayola supplies.

Summer is an all-time favorite of ours to make.

My daughter Maddi and I used our hands in molding the perfect slime.  We even added Crayola Glitter glue to give our slime sparkers and shimmers.

Watch the video above to see the simple process we used for our Crayola Takeover Day 2 project!

  1.   First Step – squeeze Crayola Washable Color Glue into a bowl.
  2.   Second Step – add baking soda.
  3.   Third Step – add contact lens solution.
  4.   Fourth Step – Mix and play!

Crayola Washable Color Glue comes in 4 colors – Blue, Green, Yellow & Red.

The Crayola Washable Color Glue is Safe and Nontoxic & recommended for Ages 3+.

Here is another slime project we craft this Summer!  Watch and compare!

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Crayola Takeover week

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Happy Crafting!

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Written by Sean Reed