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Hi Hollowers!

I hope your holiday season is off to a great start.  The wonderful people over at Kodak Moments invited me to try their kiosks to create some custom holiday cards. Yes, I do make cards for a living, but reality is that I can’t always get our custom cards to everyone! Also, I am thinking of slipping these into my handmade cards for friends and family back in England.

First of all, let me tell you the blast we had creating these pictures for the cards!

It all looks pretty quiet on the western front, right? Well there was much jumping and face pulling behind the camera man (A.K.A. Mr HH) to get Tilly to smile, thanks Miss Hannah!

We ended up with some gorgeous pictures of the two of them; and they sum up their relationship totally, this is by far my favorite…

Don’t they look like the cheeky pair that they are?  Once I had all my pictures it was time to find a Kodak Picture Kiosk, our local Discount Drug Mart had one and even better there’s 25% off cards until 11/17/18 and you don’t need a coupon!  It was so easy to print out and choose my designs and with many card bases to choose from. I have my photos on a USB drive, but I also could have printed them straight from my phone, digital camera and from social media!  As you know we are a little geeky in the photo department so I had done all my edits at home but I also had lots of editing and enhancement options.  Plus, it’s not just cards you can create! I got sucked into the process and ended up with lots of things, but it’s so easy that Tilly was in the driver seat!

Plus they can produce most items while you wait in just a few minutes!  Of course my little helper desperately wanted to see inside the machine!

The Kodak Picture Kiosk is a photo printing kiosk where you can print from your phone, digital camera, USB, and access images from social media sites. You can make edits and enhances and create cards, collages, enlargement and many prints! You can receive prints and most photo products in minutes, while you wait. Kodak Moments is the umbrella brand for all of their photo printing products and services.

The kiosks allow you to create not only cards but prints, collages, ornaments, canvases and so much more, I was spoilt by the choices! As mentioned, Kodak Moments is the umbrella for all Kodak products and services, which is great because I’ve always used Kodak films in my cameras (remember when we had real film?)!  I’m sure you want to see what I created too!  So of course, I went just to create cards; I was so indecisive I ended up with two different designs:

I love each of them for different reasons, I used the black and white enhancement on the top one as I felt it suited the card better.  I also couldn’t resist these ornaments, the pictures just turned out beautifully. I can’t wait to hang them on the tree! I have a real tree each year and another for the girls to decorate, so I have one for each of them and I’ll be going back for more for Grandma and Grandad.

I mentioned I ended up getting more than planned, so I also made a collage; you can make it in any size but I went with a 5×7 so that I could keep it on my desk as a fun memory of this experience and I’ll always think of Miss Hannah jumping around to get a smile!

I had so much fun creating these memories, I hope you will too.  I’ll be back frequently as I know I’m not alone in taking loads of pictures on my phone and never doing anything with them! This is a great way to print them out and with multiple pcitures in a collage it’s easy to make memories to hang on the wall or give as gifts.

Don’t forget the 25% off cards offer until 11/17/18 at your local Discount Drug Mart in Ohio, if you live in Seattle this offer is also available at Bartells and Kinney Drug Stores in Syracuse.  You can also find a local kiosk by clicking here.

Have fun snapping and printing!

Love Alexandra & The Prickle