Craft Storage and Organization

How I approached creating a new craft space and organizing it – craft storage and organization tips you can use in any creative space

Hi Hollowers!

This weekend I have been crating a new space in my room; I decided to add back in a table rather than just the surfaces to stand at, it’s been lots of fun; I took the time to purge alot and clean out my drawers (mystery boxes coming soon!).  But it also makes you re-evalutate exactly what you need, don’t need and storage options.  I have ordered a few new things from Amazon but they won’t be here til next week.  However, I wanted to share with you the process and things I call my essentials that I want close by; yours may or. may not be the same but you also might find something you love!

There will be a video here after my live has finished; you can join me live in a few minutes at

Now I’m going to show alot and I can’t put it all in the YouTube description but I can put it here! Below is everything roughly in the order of the live; as always it may include affiliate links at now cost to you; I also have a 10% off at Ellen Hutson for you; use any link to her store below or and use the code HHLuv (exclusions apply).  Also get 15% off hand crafted papers at Tonic Studios. Go to and use code CRAFTED15 at checkout.

Ok that’s it for today; I’m off to enjoy my new craft space and also re-arrange my craft storage some more – is it just me that spends more time storing and organizing that I actually do crafting?

Happy Crafting!

Alexandra & The Prickle