Cricut EasyPress for custom made T shirts.

We are excited to share a simple and fun way to design your own custom t-shirts with the EasyPress 2 by Cricut.  The entire family can join for your custom t shirt projects.  Even children have little difficulties crafting with the EasyPress, of course with adult supervision.  As you can imagine, the EasyPress 2 we are using in this video gets extremely hot – up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

EasyPress iron on tshirts

The Hedgehog Family made their own shirts with tons of time to spare for summer fun in the sun.

In our video below, we made t shirts in just 50 seconds!  Don’t believe it?  Watch and see!

The supplies you will need to follow along with this project are:

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Before we started we used the Heat Transfer Guide on which was very helpful, especially if you are a first time user.  The guide gives three drop downs to give step by step directions.

The 1st drop down is for which EasyPress you are using, either the Cricut EasyPress or the Cricut EasyPress 2.  We chose CRICUT EASYPRESS 2.

The 2nd drop down  is for the Heat Transfer Material.  We chose IRON-ON DESIGNS.

Last is the 3rd drop down for the Base Material.  We chose 100% COTTON.

We then allowed the EasyPress to preheat to 340 degrees.  You also have the option of changing the temperature to Celsius scale.  Cricut recommends preheating your t shirt for 5 seconds first, but we opt out because the stickers stick to the fabric immediately so we cannot move and reposition our design with a preheated shirt.

The heat mat goes on bottom to protect your table top from any unwanted burn designs.  Your blank white t shirt goes on top of the mat.

Place a piece of the butcher paper inside the shirt to protect the back of the shirt from your design, which goes on top of the shirt.  You can now use heat resistant tape to help position your sticker design.  The designs we use in this video are cold peels, which means exactly what it sounds like.  After the sticker is pressed onto the t shirt with the EasyPress, the shirt and sticker need to cool down before peeling off for the finished product.

Almost done!

The cool down period only takes a minute, but you can always use a Tonic Glass Mat to help remove the heat quickly.

If your designs are larger than your Cricut EasyPress, then you will just need to do more than one press onto your t shirt.  Be sure to lift, not slide because your design position can shift or your t shirt can bunch up with a slide.  So remember, lift STRAIGHT UP.

You’re all done!

Infusible ink transfers are wonderful because they won’t crack or peel over time like some iron on designs will, especially after going through the dryer.  But hey, some people like the aged and worn look, so if that’s you, toss those dirty shirts in the dryer all you want!

We have a few ways for you to save money when purchasing your crafting supplies.  Cricut Access Members can get 10% off.  We also link some coupons onto our Youtube video in this post, so be sure to catch those at the end of the video.  You can also shop at Michaels online with free shipping for purchases over $49 or order online for in store pick up.

You can also use the Cricut coupon code: JGOODESUMMER19 for a 10% discount, but the discounts vary by products and usually have free shipping.  The coupon code does exclude machines, but if you sign up as a Cricut Access Member, you will get more discounts in your crafting journey.

Need a refresher course on how to use the Cricut Easy Press?  You’re in luck.  Check back to our video on Youtube – Cricut EasyPress Heat Press Tutorial.

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Happy Crafting!

Alexandra & The Prickle


Written by Sean Reed