Will My Infusible Ink Experiment Work On Non-Substrates?

So you’ve purchased a Cricut Maker Machine and your Infusible Inks, but what now?  You may have seen one of our many infusible ink experiment videos on Youtube, or read a related Blog recently.  If so, you know Cricut has a whole line of infusible ink materials and substrates.

What Can Go Wrong With My Cricut Infusible Ink Experiment?

The infusible inks need polyester to bind with when infused with a heat press.  In order for sublimation to take place, the base material needs to be 60% polyester of higher.

Infusible inks also work well with Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (Glitter HTV).

Our video below shows us transfer designs onto a metal bookmark with polyester coating, a homemade popsicle holder and a sequin bag for our infusible ink experiment.

Cricut infusible ink experiment with polyester material


  1.   DON’T use teflon tap to hold your designs and substrates together because teflon tape can give off a harmful gas when heated.  Birds specifically don’t do well with gas coming from heated teflon tape.  Always use HEAT RESISTANT TAPE, and both you and the birdies will be safe!
  2. USE protective gloves when crafting with major heat press machines.  We recommend using HEAT GLOVES because you won’t have to worry when using the EasyPress 2 or the Clam Press (shown in the Youtube video below)

The answer is YES!  You can use non-substrates with your Cricut Infusible Ink crafting projects.

Watch our video below and see how our Infusible Ink Experiment turned out!


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Happy Crafting

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Written by Sean Reed