It is no secret that I love easy quick tips that add a lot of BLING to my cards. Fortunately, Tonic makes it SO easy with all their Nuvo Products! Are you following along in Tonic’s Nuvember series on Instagram? If not, hop on over to Tonic Studios USA where we are celebrating a different Nuvo product each day. Yesterday was no exception, however, it is a touch late. HAHA! We got a touch distracted getting ready for Creativation and yesterday’s post isn’t going live until NOW!

Yesterday, I mean today, we are celebrating Nuvo’s Gilding Flakes! They can be a LITTLE challenging to work with if you’re trying to contain a mess, but there are tips and tricks to working with them, and products you can use to adhere them to your project that makes the job really easy! If you don’t know what Gilding Flakes are, you’ll discover in my following two videos that Gilding Flakes are incredibly thing pieces of metal that like to fly away a lot. Many people struggle with these flakes, they attempt not to breathe while working on them, and struggle to contain the mess.

In my first video I talk about the Nuvo Surface Sweep, which @NinaMarie, on Instagram, used on a previous Nuvember Day, I suggest turning off your ceiling fan, and I suggest using a dryer sheet to help tidy up!


In my second video, I suggest using Gilding Flakes in a box to help contain the mess. I know that this is Hannah’s preferred way to work, she loves using the Hedgehog Hollow boxes to store her excess flakes and has multiples of them just to make crafting easy and stress-free.

Gilding Flakes come in Silver Button, Gold, and Sunkissed Copper, and you can see how EASY they are to work with! Why don’t you give it a try?

Below I’ve attached a list of products I’ve used for both cards, affiliate links may be used, at no cost to you, but I love every product I listed below!


Happy Gilding!
Alexandra & the Prickle