Update Your Outdoor Deck Without Breaking The Bank

Have you been thinking about attempting a DIY project in your home lately?  Alexandra and The Hedgehog Hollow family know exactly how you feel.  We started our deck flip a week ago and we have finished our home improvement project!  Being a full time crafter means we like to take on home projects by the horns.

Sometimes a high dollar contractor is not the answer.  A little TLC with a fresh makeover can go a long way in changing a room completely.  And sometimes, quite a few trips back to Home Depot for the right pieces, plants and tools.

Wagner Sprayers provided us with some free product for this project, but all thoughts, opinions, ideas and messes were our own!

A short recap of our 7 day Deck DIY project days goes something like this:


Day 1

We painted the siding on our deck white from beige.  This made all the difference in the world because it really opened up the room with brightness.  All of the focal points moved to where they should be, which was what is inside of the room.

Day 2

Alexandra painted the old whicker furniture BLACK and gave it a nice POP!  The fresh coat of paint obviously brought youth to the furniture and an exhale of relief to the wallet.

Day 3

The old saying “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” came true in our DIY deck flip.  Alexandra recycled thrift store and Goodwill store items to match the GOLD and PINK colors perfectly.  A PINK table on one side.  We added a fluffy PINK pillowed foot rest to kick our feet up after a day’s work.  A little spray paint goes a long way when making used items come together as one common theme.

Half way done, but not before an unexpected surprise during our Home Improvement!

Day 4

Day four was a combination of new upholstery on the couch cushions and a little surprise from the in-laws.  The parents came one day early!  Yikes!  We tried to put them to work, but they settled with great time with the kiddos and smiling in pictures for evidence of their smothering love.

Deck Flip - DIY Home Improvement, update upholstery with family

Day 5

We gave the pillows a face lift with matching fabric for the couch – a Palm Springs style of GREEN PLANT LIFE and pretty PINK FLAMINGOS and a few solid PINK pillows to match the PINK decor.

Day 6

This is the day the fresh painted walls really came alive with fresh art.  Alexandra rolled up her sleeves and let her crafting self take over with paint pours on blank canvases.  Mixtures of GOLD, GREEN, PINK, WHITE AND BLACK seemed to be melting down in frozen positions with the paint pours.  They turned out absolutely gorgeous for the deck improvement!

We flipped our Deck on a budget in 7 Days!

Day 7

The final day – DAY SEVEN!  We added the final touches with a flower pot stand and repainted flower pots in… you guessed it, GOLD.  GOLD EVERYTHING!  Yes the spray painted flower pots look great in the room, but planting the bright flowers we bought from Home Depot with the family was where the real joy happened.  The family got their hands dirty and planted flowers in each repainted flower pot.

Now sometimes you will run into some unexpected difficulties in your personal do it yourself home improvement projects.  No need to panic though.  We came across a similar situation adding the finishing sizzle.  We couldn’t find the correct sliding door hands to replace the old handle with the right fit.

So what did we do?  We crafted it out!  We spray painted the old handle with a matching color.  Do I even need to say it?  GOLD!  The new looking sliding door handle went from rags to riches in the snap of a finger.  Well not that fast, the paint had to dry first.

We always like to share the products and supplies we use for our projects, so here you GO!   (This post may contain compensated affiliate links at no cost to you.)

DIY Home Improvement Projects Brings Crafting To A Whole New Level

Watch our video on YouTube to see exactly how we flipped out deck for our home improvement project on a budget!


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Happy Crafting!

Alexandra & The Prickle


Written by Sean Reed