Easter Baskets that reduce screen time and promote play.

With Easter rapidly approaching we are all shopping around to fill the kid’s Easter baskets with things they love. We have searched around and found some great products to full your baskets this year. These products also are great to keep the children active during this national Quarantine.

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Calico Critters (Amazon | Walmart)

Calico Critter Easter Basket

Calico Critters are always a favorite of little ones. The miniature animals fit right into the Easter /Springtime theme. The Homes and Family sets are great as the big center present in your child’s basket. One of the new products they have out is the mystery bags. In each mystery bag, there is one critter and some little accessories related to that character. Mystery bags are a big hit with kids and they are small enough to add as a filler in a basket.

Tween Easter Basket with boogie board, pokemon cards, creatto light, crazy crayon, unstable unicorns, boom goes the dynamite, and cosmic necklace kit
Tween Easter Basket

If you have a Tween in your household here are some great age-appropriate Easter basket ideas. This basket includes things to boost social skills and imagination. Multiplayer games are great for Tweens to connect with friends and curb boredom.

Boogie Board (Amazon| Walmart )

These little drawing boards are a great addition to any kid or adult’s life. They are great for taking notes or playing games. These little pocket-size ones are perfect for Easter baskets. Originally made for children who ride the school bus so they could have something to do while waiting to get to school or home. If you are a family that spends a lot of time traveling is a good item for car rides and airplane trips.

Unstable Unicorns ( Amazon)

This is one of our favorite games. It involves strategy but is not to complicated. This is an easy to learn game that has expandable decks that make every playing experience different.

Pokemon Cards ( Amazon | Walmart )

Pokemon cards are a classic for everyone. This is a great game to connect parents and children since it has been around for over 20 years a lot of parents had them and now their kids do too.

Creatto Light Up (Amazon)

These little kits, made by Thames & Kosmos, come with the supplies to make a star light. Using plastic pieces that interlock around the light bulb and can be hung anywhere. They come in several different shapes and are a great way to let kids help decorate their own rooms.

Kid Made Modern ( Amazon |Walmart)

Kid Made Modern has a lot of great small Easter basket fillers good for all ages. The cosmic necklace kit is a favorite with our girls who have a high interest in the solar system and space.

Boom Goes the Dynamite ( Amazon)

Boom Goes the Dynamite is a quick card game that requires math skills to match up numbers and gain the most matches before the other players. Quick 15 minute game for kids to play with friends and also work on STEAM concepts.

Pre K easter basket with fubbles camera bubble maker, Crazy crayon, bubbles, Design a bunny, and boogie board
Pre-K Easter Basket

These Easter Basket ideas are great for ages 4-6. Lots of creativity is used in these items to help a growing imagination.

Bubbles (Bed Bath & Beyond )

We all know kids love bubbles. We found this cute camera that clicks and shoots bubbles out when you press the shutter button. It does not take actual photos but does give way to the imagination.

Design a Bunny

This cute little kit comes with markers and a blank bunny peep for you to decorate. This is great for kids to personalize and make their own. Truthfully as an adult, I would love this in my Easter basket because who doesn’t love Peeps.

Kid Made Modern ( Amazon |Walmart)

Another great product from Kid Made Modern is the Giant Crazy Crayon. This is great for little ones still learning to write or big kids that just want to have a unique writing tool.

If you are looking for more of an older kid or adult art Easter basket check out our Hedgehog Hollow Subscription Box!

Thanks so much for following along today. Comment below with your favorites on this list or ones we missed that are your family’s favorite.

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