Hi Hollowers!

Following this change to my blog I wanted to explain to you a little more about affiliate links, you may have seen them on the blog before with Amazon.  An affiliate link is at no cost to you as the consumer, if you click the link to purchase the item, the cost will be the same as if you went directly to the store; however, the company will know you came from Hedgehog Hollow and will pay me a small commission on what you purchase.  This is no different to Stampin’ Up! purchases it’s just they are not direct sale companies so I don’t have a ‘demonstrator label’.  A blogger I once read describe is like tipping the waitress at the restaurant, except you don’t pay the tip, the store does out of their mark up.  This is how I fund buying items to work with on tutorials and to giveaway to you all regularly.

By law I have to have an affiliate disclosure and this one will be pinned to my menu bar all the time so you can come back and look at it.  However, I want to make one thing very clear…I will only ever use a product I love on H-H because that’s why I started this blog, if a company sends me something and I struggle with it, don’t love it or any other reason i’m not happy with it, I will tell you.  If a company has sent me the product for free to try I will tell you that too. I’m not here to push products just to get paid commissions, like you I am a crafter and I want to get the most fun for my crafting budget.

So these are the simple rules I have established for being an affiliate:

  • First of all, if you see me use something it is because I bought it and loved it, no matter what, I will not blog about something I do not use or love.
  • I buy ALL of my own product so if I use it and show it to you I have bought it and loved it.  If I am ever given product I will let you know up front at the beginning of the post and if I don’t love it I will also tell you.
  • Ultimately if you see it here I love it and would use my own money to buy it again and again!

Below I will list the companies I currently affiliate for, each of them will have a link in the sidebar that includes my information so if you shop with them they will know where you come from.  This list will be updated regularly.  If my relationship changes, with any company I will also let you know and if I leave a company I will let you know that too. I want to be open and honest with you all.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey, it’s new and exciting.  I can’t wait to show all the new goodies I have purchased and been keeping quiet from you! I have so many new techniques and ideas stacked up!