Hi Hollowers!

Hope you are having a happy Monday!  It’s busy as always at the Hollow, preparing to send out our May box and the Tools Boxes.  First of all I have some winners from our extravaganza.  I will also be publishing a second post tonight with another giveaway chance!  Congratulations to all our winners, we have also posted instagram and facebook winners on those pages!

🎉 🎊🎉 Giveaway Extravaganza Blog winners are…

1. Jennifer Thompson

2. Linda Bostedt

3. Marasela Mendoza

4. Kari Villebrum

5. Julie Anderson

6. Lori Swart

7. Pat Kuhn

8. Hellen Gullett

9. Mary Schmidt

10. Wendy Fisher

Please send us a message with your 💻 email and your 🐌📬 snail mail so we can send out your goodies ASAP! Don’t forget to check FB and IG for other winners! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🎉🎊🎉