Hi Hollowers,

You may have noticed I fell of the healthy eating bandwagon; I could give endless excuses but really with summer holidays, a flooded house and some other issues we are dealing with something had to give.  Since we left the house we have had to eat out for pretty much every meal, I do try to eat the smaller plates or something a little less calorific than BBQ ribs every night, or my favorite sweet chili deep fried wings!! However, with no place to really live apart from 2 hotel rooms I have completely let things slide and with school starting we need to get back with program even if it is small steps until we move back in at the end of the month!

Before the flood we had started having Sunday shakes as a family, these were a great way to use up left over fruit that would otherwise be thrown away as well as getting a dense shot of nutrition.  Mr HH loves veggies but hates fruit, however, he will drink my fruity smoothie shakes.  We have a nanny starting today to help around the house a little, with mine and Maddi’s Dr’s appointments, Mr HH’s PhD and new job, plus wanting to enjoy Tilly growing up the household really does come last so we are in a. fortunate position that we can have someone in for a few hours each day to pick up some of the things that get dropped which is going to include healthy meal prep.  I found I was running out of time to prep meals for us and by the time Mr HH got home we were both too tired to start from scratch so we ate ALOT of takeout.  I love to cook and I will give her some of my recipes, but if everything is there waiting to go the cooking only takes a few minutes and I’m sure we will get back with the program! The girls are easy and like to eat early, both of them would live on pasta if I would let them (Grandma Dee, you have good Italian grand babies!).

Back to the reason for today’s post, I know lots of you were following along with my plan, and I’m sure many of you have fallen off the wagon too.  I hope some of us can get back on it together; I will be checking in with meal ideas, shakes recipes and some general updates.  I am taking small steps that are manageable as we are right now, thinking that I can work out and prepare a shake in a hotel room is not going to happen but we can have a healthy lunch at home, with a lite evening bite.  Plus maybe even a shake when we first get to the house.  Whatever healthy plan you are on, I believe if you do what is manageable now and build it up form there you will be more successful than a radical change all at once.

Onto my Sunday Shakes! Everyone loves these even my fussiest eater, Maddi! Tilly also enjoys them.  I take whatever is left over (or at least I do when I had my kitchen!) and mix it up.  I use a scoop of ice and 16 oz of either almond mild or an almond and coconut mix. I then add whatever I had, bananas were often left, even if they are mushy you ill never notice one they are mixed in; strawberries, raspberries and blueberries were also very common, you can easily make a single flavor or multi mixed berry shake! I also add a tablespoon of honey between four of us, it just removes a little bit of tartness, if you have a very sweet tooth you may want a little more.  However, I found a little goes a long way!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you found some of the information useful.  Don’t be discouraged if you fell of the wagon, whether it’s the first or hundredth time, you can get back on.  I would love to hear your stories whether you were successful or not.  Today is a new beginning and I want to be healthy for my girls and for myself.  Keep your fingers crossed and happy shaking!