Hi Hollowers!

Thanks for stopping by again on this journey.  Also, thank you for your support of Maddi’s post yesterday, all your kind comments and encouragement.  She has an easter card that will be on the blog tomorrow, she is making chocolate scented embossing powder and using a few cool new supplies I hadn’t had a chance to play with.  It was great fun creating with Maddi, she has had a difficult time of late, something I will cover in a future post, so your support and encouragement means so much to all of us.  Today however, I have a final update on my 21 day fix with my results  It would be fair to say this week has not been smooth sailing at all, Greg has been away all week in Detroit and Maddi was very ill at one point, something we are now coming out the other side of, but it was rough.  I would have been happy to maintain my results form last week as my food today slipped off he wagon, but it have even more improvement is just wonderful.  For the moment I have accepted weekend workouts aren’t going to happen, as life settles down, I can blog during the week more giving us more free time at the weekends, but hey, life happens and we make the most of it!

I won’t do a day by day this week as I barely managed to keep track of the day or time let alone keeping my diary! I did discover some fab new shake recipes including: strawberry cheesecake, chocolate orange and white chocolate strawberry truffles.  In future weeks I will showcase a recipe or shake recipe each week as well as keeping abreast of my progress.  I am determined to continue with the plan, the eating plan is super easy and there are so many workouts for whatever mood I am in, that its great to keep you interested.  I also thought when I joined that most workouts would be beyond me at my fitness level, but that wasn’t the case at all! I tried some of the super low impact ones initially but I really didn’t feel any exertion, so I tried some country heat dance workouts as well as the 21 day fix program, I could do them all, they have a girl who modifies for you so you just do what you can, each time I go to a routine I can do more and more which is so encouraging!

Now of course you want to know my results so here are my before and after measurements…

That’s a whopping 26 inches overall! It’s not just about the scale or the inches, it’s how I feel, I feel more confident, my clothes look better but I can move more, I sleep better, in much less pain and take far less tablets.  I can’t believe how far I have come in only 21 days.  Also, I haven’t been perfect in those 21 days, so I could have probably been even further along, but I am happy with my progress and will continue for the foreseeable future. I mean even Greg has noticed the difference both physically and in my ability to move without pain or holding on, I can go upstairs without holding onto the railing pulling myself up!  If he has noticed it must be big! I accept I have a loooong way to go to look like Autumn, the coach below, but the plan works, if I can do, so can anyone, I have tried so many times to loose weight and as the backwards kind of gal I am, I weigh the least when I am pregnant! However, this fits into any lifestyle, the workouts are 30 minutes that I stream on my computer or TV, so I can fit them in with my workout assistant Tilly or while she is napping, I just had to include this video of Tilly working out!

The program itself has been super, it’s my own time management and life that got in the way of the eating and it’s hard to break bad habits, especially when a friend send you your favorite British chocolate! Although I have not devoured a whole bar already as I would have done in the past!  I joined up as a Beachbody coach and I am part of a great group of girls who try to keep me on the straight and narrow! There is a Facebook accountability group who support you every step of the way and make you realize you are not the first or last person to have struggles or fall off the wagon.  I appreciate its not inexpensive to get started but that shakes are great, they give you lots of vitamins and nutrients, they fill you up and there is no shortage of food on the plan, in fact I can barely get it all in, I eat more now than I did before, it’s just better choice, the recipes are endless, we had the yummiest breaded chicken, teriyaki chicken, tacos and so much more! If you have any questions about the program I would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer them, there is a great variety of workouts if like me you like to keep it new and interesting or you can just stick to a program and buy those.  I know my group would love to support you if you feel like now is the time to change, I can’t wait to get a bathing suit on this summer, something I would never have said before!

Next week I will have some great shakeology recipes for you, I will also have some before and after pictures, this week has been so busy I just haven’t had the time in the same clothes, I will continue to check in with my personal progress too probably a little more periodically.

Thank you again for following my journey, and we look forward to having a fun easter card tutorial for you tomorrow.