Hi there! Kimberly here to share with you how I made this card by foiling the stamped images on the background. I love the music theme in the Hedgehog Hollow May subscription box! So many beautiful images and sentiments. It was so hard to decide which to use first. I really love the Lapis Watercolor Deco foil and wanted to use it on this card but everything I used for this card was a stamp so I was not sure how to incorporate the foil. Once I looked into how to start, I found this is the method worked best for me. I do have a video at the end to show the process of making this card.

I started out by getting out my Deco Foil Transfer Gel Duo, a makeup blender and a small bin with soapy water in it. Then, I arranged all of the instrument stamps on a block and I began dabbing the transfer gel over my stamps using the makeup blender.

Once I had the gel on the stamps, I stamped it down on a piece of Eclipse Black cardstock. I was careful to lift it straight up so the images didn’t smear and held down the cardstock as it is a little sticky when removing the stamps. This is not going to show all of the detail once foiled and will look a little distress when I am done, but the end result was exactly what I wanted for this card.

Once I finished stamping the images, I immediately placed the block with stamps into the bin with soapy water. I did not want the gel to dry on my stamps or it would have ruined them. I placed my panel to the side for about an hour to wait for the gel to dry. It will be clear instead of white when it is dry. While I waited, I cleaned my stamps by rubbing a little dawn soap and water over the stamps on the block with a toothbrush. Then I rinsed them and checked to make sure they did not have any stickiness from the gel left on them.

Next, I embossed the sentiment “Music feeds the soul” on Black Eclipse cardstock with gold embossing powder and Color Hive Clear embossing ink. I trimmed the sentiment in half because I plan to split it up on the card. Then, using my Misti stamp tool, I stamped the big image from the “Chin up Buttercup set” on Eclipse Black cardstock with Color Hive Clear embossing ink. I used my Perfect First Impression Smoosher Tool to help get a better image and use less pressure while stamping. Next, I brushed Neptune Kaleidoscope powder over the image using the Rose Gold Dual Tip Powder Brush. I cleaned off the excess with the Maker forte Rainbow Powder Polish & Clean Up Brush and set it with some hairspray so the powder wouldn’t rub off.

Once my transfer gel was dry, I was able to foil the stamped images. I took a piece of Lapis Watercolor Deco Foil and placed it over the transfer gel shiny side up and dull side against the gel. Next, I ran it through my Minc machine that was warming up on number 3.

When I was done running it through my Minc, I carefully peeled the foil back to see if I needed to run it through again. It is easier to line the foil back up if it is still attached.

Now it is time to assemble the card. I trimmed down my panel to 4″ x 5 1/4″ and glued it to my Eclipse Black card base.

I layered the music clef panel to a piece of gold cardstock and added the sentiment that I had cut in half to either side of the clef. Finally, I put foam tape on the back and added it to my card base.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you want to watch me make the card with a few extra little tips, you can watch my quick video!