Hi Hollowers!

Today is day two in our series for this week.  Yesterday we showed a preview of this weeks theme and some of the elements we will be showing you.  You can catch up on that post, the whole weeks happenings and more, here.

Here’s a reminder of the whole table and how it all comes together;

I came up with two different place setting ideas; they both use many of the same elements; lots of the items are of course from Minted.com as I love how everything co-ordinates together; look at how pretty this all is…

First of all I want to show you the table runner and napkins that I order from Minted; they are in cream with antler’s one and it was fluke I found candle holders to match in Joann’s!


They were a beautiful home decor weight cotton, they also have placemats and other items to co-ordinate; the gingham runner underneath is actually two thinner runners I picked up in a clearance sale and I put the two together and the antler one down the join, it added a great finishing touch.  The gingham ones were clearanced as they were from BBQ season, so be sure to check stores for those items, reds, grays and blacks will work perfectly for winter and fall too; and if they aren’t wide enough you can use the tick I used on this table.  In the first pricture above I opened the napkin pinched the centre and put it in the wine glass, in the picture below I folded a flap into the napkin (watch for a video on that in a future series) to put the cutlery in…

Before we get into the plated items I wanted to show you the wooden coasters and the place cards;

The cards come pre-scored and I chose to have them fulled printed and foiled.  Those flourishes around ‘The Smith Family’ are all foiled in gold (lots of other options available) and then the ‘Happy Thanksgiving -name-‘ I customized on their site for the whole family so I really can pull these out at Thanksgiving! Plus of course you could reuse them.  Think of what an easy and pretty touch these can add if like me you don’t have perfect handwriting to have them come printed.  You can also have them left black for you to complete with a name or message.  It’s completely customizable to your needs and occasion.  I put them on some wood slices I bought on Amazon, I have seen something similar in one of the high end stores but they were $18 each! I bought 5 of these for $18.50 here.  They are also the perfect size to pop a wine glass and place-card on:

Let’s take a look at one plating option; the first one contains the most details, all of which are from Minted and all of which match perfectly…

The chargers I bought in Hobby Lobby a while back, nothing pricey, they are in fact plastic so perfect for a big family gathering.  They have a rustic edge to them which not only looks great but dings over time don’t show either! As I mentioned the napkins are from Minted and I folded them to create a cutlery pouch. The larger thanksgiving cards are also from Minted and you can have the reverse customized with a message, religious verse, family news or simply with invite details.  I also chose to have them printed on pearlescent cardstock for a finishing touch of shimmer!  The smaller round wood slice ties the coasters element in really nicely and I bought some of the Minted gift stickers to match the gift wrap and tags.  I added ‘The Smith Family’ for a more personal touch; you can find those smaller wood slices for here; they are around $20 for 50 and you can use them for so many things.

The gift boxes I made with an American Crafts Punch board which you will see in Friday’s video and I gift wrapped them with the co-ordinating paper, also from Minted.  The ribbon and personalized tags are also from Minted but will will talk more about these on Friday.

Finally, I have those burlap leaves, they were I think 10 or 15 for a few dollars at a big box store, I’ve had them a while as I’ve been collecting items for the table but they proved huge bang for my buck.  One packet did 6 place settings and I just love the rustic burlap and how the leaf shape just adds to the warm fall feel.  You could also totally DIY these cutting out leaf shapes from Burlap which is really inexpensive and you could use a shapes or glue in the wire centre vein.

In the setting above you can see those leaves used as a coaster and another ticket under the small wooden slice, can you tell I was so excited that the most inexpensive item really made such a beautiful finish to everything?!

This is the second setting option, the wood slice is the same, also the napkin fold was the same; I used a solid ribbon from Minted rather than a stripe one, this one has a silky look and feel the other was more cotton-y.  I used a corduroy covered pumpkin I bought in a big net of similar type pumpkins in varying sizes from Joann (with my coupon of course!).  This time I stood up my slice and added a burlap leaf for my final fall element.  It’s a variation on a theme but I love showing a few different ideas.  Plus you may have some of these things anyway, you could spray paint pumpkins for previous years that have seen better days and give them new lease of live, or Mod-Podge them and cover with glitter for bling, or even cover them with fabric and use a glue gun to secure.  I also found some really nice metallic pumpkins at Dollar Tree which you’ll see later in the week.

Doesn’t that just look amazing down the table?  Tomorrow we are going to be talking centre pieces.  Including of course a few options but also some key pieces you can change up season to season and where to find the best buys! I can’t wait to share all that with you, don’t forget to check out Minted’s website, here.

Happy Stamping

Alexandra & The Prickle