Hi Hollowers!

I hope you are enjoying this series as much as we did creating it for you; today I have a number of different center piece ideas that can be changed up throughout the season as well as some fall specific ones that you can easily make with fall items already in your home.  In case you missed Day 1 and Day 2 we are giving you so ideas to help get a head start on Fall Holiday planning with table ideas, place settings, table gifts, center pieces, decor and more!  We have teamed up with our friends at Minted.com who offer 1000’s of different prints and 100’s of different items from table runners with matching place mats and napkins, to wall art, matching gift wrap & tags, and so much more.  Plus everything can be customized to your family, theme, color scheme and event.

I had originally found Minted.com when we were looking for someone to print our wedding invitations, I also needed some help with the design.  I did some internet research and had found good reviews plus I LOVED their style and designs.  This was way before the start of the Hollow so I shopped there just because I liked them, so I can 100% say I was a happy customer years before this collaboration.  Let’s look at a few of those center piece options:

This one is the first and probably my favorite; I found this lantern super cheap on clearance in Hobby Lobby, it had part of the rope handle broken but all it needed was some pliers to put it back on and since it was only going to be used in the home it was perfect, I wasn’t going to be moving it around too much.  These lanterns are really on trend at the moment and I think if you were to invest in one key piece this would be my pick.  You can fill it with whatever is seasonal, I full intend spraying some of the cobweb stuff on it for Halloween and then cleaning that off for the rest of fall.  I filled dit with some vintage looking fairy lights and stuffed pumpkins (plastic ones) inbetween;

That metallic one on the left is a Dollar Tree find they had 4 or 5 different colors and the fabric covered ones are from Joann; word to the wise, I chose non-LED lights which meant they got pretty hot after about 4 or 5 hours and those Dollar Tree pumpkins began to melt; I wish I had gone with LEDs and I will next time I empty it; my plan is to fill it with ornaments for Christmas and flowers in the spring; I think it is going to last me a very long time and I’ve lots of ideas to change it up so you can bet you’ll be seeing this one again!

On the top I added some more pumpkins, this time glitter ones you could make your own or I bought mine in Joann, some moss and twig balls from Joann which covered the cable from the lights, speaking of which, I used a super simple tied fabric garland to cover the cord on the back or even better buy battery powered lights (I will be next time!)

I keep walking past this lantern on my hall table and every time I see it I love it, here’s the full effect…

OK let’s look at some other centre piece options for you; because I could talk about the lantern all day!

This is another option for you, here I used some fall style cones that I will talk more about tomorrow and between them I added the antler candle holders I mentioned in yesterday’s post (my table runner and napkins from Minted.com also have antlers on); I actually had bought the napkins first and finding the candle holders was just good luck! I placed an LED candle into them which were in my favorite aisle…clearance! I used one of my Christmas wreaths to frame it, the color and texture on the candles matched the wreath perfectly; guess where I found the wreath after Christmas last year….yep clearance! It’s my favorite aisle and I urge you to browse those 70-80% aisles for gems, I have found so many as long as you don’t mind storing for the year, or maybe use some of the tips later in this post for using it season to season!

The pictures don’t show it so well but the wreath has a tinge of glitter on the edges and everything just popped amazingly together!

Next up is a Happy Thanksgiving sign I created for an upcoming PBS segment, I cut it using an electronic cutter, glitter and metallic vinyl from Styletech and put it on a pre-painted wooden sign from Michaels….you guessed it clearance!  I could create tables all day long, my Mum was an interior designer for a hotel and I just loved seeing the themes room to room and now I get to create and share with the whole world, I find that concept amazing!  We will be posting once we have the air dates but sometime in the fall and you can get all my top tips for creating these signs for your home.

Wreaths are just perfect for using as candle holders or to add some jazz to your table, this was a summer wreath from Joann and you can guess where I found it! I plan to add some gold Nuvo mousse to the edges of the flowers to really ‘fall it up’ but this is perfect to use in spring, summer and autumn; the sign it propped agains those same fall cones.

You don’t have to have a candle there, this is a pretty stuffing bowl I picked up on my travels and I popped some scented potpourri in there and I loved this one because of the wooden ‘blessing’.  You could totally create those yourself and change alongside the seasons and we will be teaching that in another episode for a future season.  I added a couple of Hedgehogs (of course) and an acorn decoration from Joann to complete the bowl, this is perfect because you could wash up the bowl and use on the table for your feast or remove the bowl and have room for your festivities and food.

I also took the original ideas and added the sign, perfect for an entryway or for a cocoa/food station or just as people arrive and then you can make room for your dishes.

Again re-using everything I have already shown you by stand the wreath in front of the lantern.  Plus did you notice the tea towel folded and hanging over, it’s just a nice finishing touch to make everything feel more luxurious, it of course can have a practical purpose to place hot dishes on too; this is a hedgehog one (what else?)!  It wasn’t pricey either, you could buy a Dollar Tree one and sew some pom pom trim on for a budget friendly version that would look just as luxurious!

In front there is a (clearance) plate from last year with some strategically placed hedgehogs, perfect for now because it looks great plus when the guests arrive I will pop the hedgehogs back around the table, (rinse) and then serve on the plate and there’s those burlap leaves again…BEST BUY EVER!

This metal bowl was 99 cents in my favorite Hobby Lobby aisle, it was in fact meant as a BBQ summertime piece but totally works through fall, I added those burlap leaves you got to see yesterday and a bunch of acorns, balls and pumpkins for the ultimate inexpensive center piece.

If you used the dollar tree pumpkins and cut your own burlap leaves or use ones from the garden you could make this for under $10 and the upmarket stores charge over $65 for pieces like this, I have been browsing around this week!!

I nearly forgot one last idea, my big straw pumpkin! This was one of those NEED to haves when I saw it in Joann and I just love it, I will be looking for them in the clearance aisle and keeping my fingers crossed!!

I hope this event is inspiring you in your own home decor and you are finding some tips and tricks; maybe it’s reminding you of things you already own that could be repurposed?  We would love to know your favorite tip so far in the comments section below.  Tomorrow we will be looking at general decor and extra table decorations.  I am going to use many of the same items to style my hall table so you can see how versatile key pie res are, and they really don’t have to cost a fortune; I will also share some of my favorite little pieces I’ve collected for decorating the rest of the table.

Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow!

Happy Stamping

Alexandra & The Prickle