Hi Hollowers!

Welcome to day 4; sorry it’s a little later than usual, but I thought of a fab idea and didn’t have enough light to take pictures last night so I had to wait til this morning!! In case you are new the the blog or haven’t seen this series we are collaborating with Minted.com and I went shopping at my local Joann to produce some great fall holiday prepping and decorating ideas and tips for you.

Today we are talking about those extra little touches on the table and also how you can take the decor I showed you over the last few days to create decor for elsewhere in your home!

I showed you this plate yesterday and I shared my love of the clearance aisle, this is one of those finds last year and I added some (of my many) hedgehogs, a fabric covered pumpkin and some well placed fall smelling potpourri.

You could just go with Hedgehog too and some of those burlap leaves i’m such a fan of!  (No hedgehogs were harmed in the making of this series).

I also love this bowl full of potpourri; I found this at Joann and the ‘blessed’ was included and I just LOVE it soooo much, that I have been experimenting with making my own variations for other holidays and I’ll be sharing that in a future holiday series.  I added some large covered across and some twig balls to just jazz it up a little.

Bowls of seasonal items are perfect anywhere in the home, gather from the dollar store or big box stores; it won’t cost you much and you have a great piece of easy decor and the bowl is a $1 clearance find from a BBQ collection!


I put lots of fabric and glittered pumpkins to fill in spaces, these are great buys; use your 40% off coupon to gather big nets at a great price or pop by your local dollar store, you can spray paint them to match your color scheme, Mod Podge and dip in glitter; so many ways to personalize them!  The cones are from Joann and they have battery lights so they add a pop of twinkle.  The antler candle holders were another Joann find and I added (clearanced) log looking LED candles for a great finishing touch.  The bigger fabric pumpkin in the top picture was another lucky Joann find but you could sew your own, I found lots of patterns online if you are looking for a thrifty version.

As I mentioned yesterday, take your summer wreath and add a touch of gold with a spray or wax or even Nuvo Mousse; to add a touch of fall or pop your candle inside the wreath laying flat for a thrifty candle frame.

Next up, I want to talk about one of my favorite finds this year, something about it just makes me happy; it was a bit of a splurge.  I was impatient and didn’t wait for a coupon, it was a NEED for me, introducing my straw pumpkin;

Do you ever just find something that makes you happy every time you look at it? I have a few of those things and for me this is definitely one!

These wood slices are another great way to create thrifty versions of things you see at the high end stores.  The larger ones make great coasters, plus you could write place cards on them, so many options!! You can find the large ones here and these are the small ones.

No matter the time of year; garlands are a great way to hide cords; I use them at Christmas time everywhere and they don’t have to be pricey, this is string with tied strips of gingham fabric and burlap.

I also wanted to show you that all these ideas are not limited to a dining table; this is my hall table dressed with exactly the same items and I challenged myself for at least 10 different looks; take a look at the gallery below to see how I did, you can of course pin any image from the blog and just click each image to enlarge it and you can scroll through too. Plus look at that gorgeous glow.

I hope you are enjoying this series.  Tomorrow is the final day for this one, we will be looking at my gift wrapping and favor tips.  We can’t wit to share those with you.

We would love to know what your favorite tip is so far, so leave us a comment below to let us know; plus if you want to see more tips and ideas for future holidays you can let us know in the comments as well.

See you tomorrow!

Happy Stamping

Alexandra & The Prickle