Hi Hollowers,

It’s hard to believe that a year ago today at 4.25am my little baby girl was born.  She was rushed to SCBU which as a new mum is a so scary but we were only there a few hours before they let us onto the high risk unit where we could room together.  here are a couple of pictures from that day.


I read a blog where the writer does a little birthday post about each  child, how they are right now, what they do, etc, etc and I think its so nice; whilst I should be scrapbooking I haven’t got that far yet so I thought this would be a nice way to record their progress. So here goes…

Hi Miss Tilly, today is your first birthday; right now you can stand for a few seconds when you let go but you still prefer to crawl your way around; we hope you will take your first little steps really soon!  Right now we live in Lawnhill Cottage in Appletree with a lovely neighbour, Olivia and her dog Bear; she has three horses: Milo, Loopy and Leroy; you are not a big fan of the horses right now they make that cute little bottom lip come out; but you love stroking Bear!  You are such a happy and contented baby; you love to play and today you learnt to clap your hands when I clap! You smile at everyone and love to giggle.





You are going to have a lovely tea party on Saturday at Anita’s new house with a gorgeous cake you picked out with Daddy.  You loved opening all your cards and presents this morning and can’t wait for your sister to read you some of your new books.  We have had a lovely day playing with Daddy and your new toys; tonight we will have a little birthday tea and light your cupcake so your sister can help you blow them out.  You love your sister so much and you are so close; she reads to you a lot and you love to play with her.  You were both christened together this year and i’m sure there will be lots more adventures for you both to share.


We can’t wait to see how far you go in another year.

Lots of Love

Mummy & Daddy xxx



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