Hi Hollowers!

With so much bad news constantly in the press and on the TV it feels like light relief to be able to share a happy story; even better is it’s my own happy ending.  Last year I shared the story of how I had found out my Grandfather had passed away.  My family is very estranged for each other but he had played a huge part in my life and in shaping who I am; the name Hedgehog Hollow comes from memories with him.  Whilst the news was heartbreaking and I think of him every single day, the story has a very happy ending.  I will refresh the beginning if you didn’t see it before.

Last year I put up a video about heat embossing and I was using my Wagner heat tool; a comment was left by a lady asking if she could buy it in England or if not what a good alternative would be.  I noticed her name ‘Sally Stapleton’.  Stapleton is not the most common name and I knew I had an Aunt Sally although I had never really met her and din’t know much.  I responded to her question, trying to put it to the back of mind; but it kept eating at me.  I had to ask, so I mentioned her surname and asked where she lived.  Colchester came the reply.  Low and behold it was my Aunt! She had married my Mum’s brother and so we started talking; family politics is always so hard and I think we were both dubious in case it upset someone else; but we emailed back and forth.

It turned out she had no idea she had been watching my channel at all, she didn’t know my surname and hadn’t the slightest inkling who I was.  It turned out we had crossed paths so many times and didn’t realize, not only had she watched my videos for a while but she also frequented the same craft stores in England; I had twice lived feet away.

We started chatting more and more, we also had a joint love of card making so we had so much to talk about.  I have learnt about my cousins and that our girls have cousins too.  I have found out so much about my background and where I come from.  It has been such a comfort to know I have family out there who will always be there and are always there to let steam off too.  I am so thankful for having Hedgehog Hollow to bring us together.

When I was in England we got to catch up for lunch, although it was a fleeting visit I cannot describe the emotions; my stomach had knots, what if she didn’t like me, what if she thinks i’m batty?! It was a lovely lunch, Greg was there too.  We had so much to talk about and time flew.  We had an amazing time and I hope she can visit us in Ohio soon.  I bought a goodie bag of supplies in my suitcase we chatted about all the things we had in common, her craft room.  She also shared that she had taken a rose to my Grandfathers grave, something that really touched my heart.  I did visit his grave as well and left a hydrangea, I always remember the bushes he had outside the house and how we added to the soil every year so they flowered differently depending on the Ph of the soil..a mind a useless information.

It really has been a happy ending on this one.  I love that our passion for crafting brought us together and that the world had a greater plan to get us in touch through my videos.  Hedgehog Hollow has brought our family so many blessings including each and every one of you who so often email, mail cards or drop me a message to let me know what you enjoyed, that we brightened a moment of your day or that you enjoyed your monthly box.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for extending your friendship and love to the Hollow.

I look forward to the girls meeting their Great Aunt and seeing her again soon.  I hope this story has given you a smile.