Hello! Today I am sharing some cards using Heat Embossing on Foil.

I was recently asked if you could heat emboss on foil paper, and the answer is YES! But there are some tricks to know if you are going to do this.

First, Treat the foil paper with an anti-static powder bag

Second, use a stamp positioner to stamp. Foil paper is slippery and you want to get a good, distinct impression.

Third, pre-heat your heat gun for 30 seconds before taking it to the foil paper, and don’t hold it in one place for too long. Foil paper is notorious for curling and you want to avoid that when possible.

Fourth, use something heavy to weigh down the foil paper if it curls on you.

Fifth, use fun foam and cardstock to adhere the foil paper to assist in flattening the paper.

Watch the video below or on YouTube to see all the tricks and how these cards came together:


I hope you give this a try! See you next time with some more inspiration and more fun projects!


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