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Hope you are all are staying warm during this holiday season. Speaking of the holidays, today marks the first entry to my 2018 Gift Guide. For my first entry I am doing a comparison between two hot foiling machines; Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System and the Gemini FoilPress from Crafters Companion. I wanted to do a comparison so that you all could see the pros and the cons between the two products and figure out which machine you prefer. I’ve included a detailed comparison video along with a couple videos showing you my tips on how to use the two machines. So, let’s get into a few features of the two.

The Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System comes complete with some helpful tools, including a silicone cooling pad, metal stamp tweezers, two foil rolls and two hot foil plates. It is also compatible with a variety of other machines, like the Sizzix BigShot, Tim Holtz Vagabond and We R Memory Keepers Evolution. I especially love the tweezers that are included, because they contain a powerful magnet that allows for easy retrieval of your hot foil plates. However, one thing I’m missing is an audible reminder that my plate is hot and ready to go.

The Gemini FoilPress also comes with some extra tools, including a silicone cooling mat, magnetic tweezers, a foil roll, three foil stamp dies and two foil Stamp N’ Cut dies. One thing included in this package that I find super helpful are the silicone finger grips. They are absolutely perfect for grabbing the FoilPress without getting any burns. Also, I love that when it’s ready to go I can hear a little beep. They’re small features, but I really appreciate that they thought of the little things when designing this product. The Gemini FoilPress is my machine of choice, but I suggest that you check out my in-depth video where I compare the two. And of course, I hope that you go and check out my two tutorials on both machines to get some tips on how to use which ever one you choose.

Here are the links to each machine at my favorite stores, as always we appreciate when you use an HH link as we get a small commission; of course you may want to drop a hint to your Mr Claus about your christmas wish lists!

Overall, my choice would be the Gemini but as always crafting tools are a very personal choice and one may fit in your crafting space with your other tool selections better than others.  If you have any questions about tools you can always leave us a comment or send an email to support@thehedgehoghollow.com; we are always here to help.  Have a great week!

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