Will My Infusible Ink Designs Last Forever On A Custom Coaster?

Infusible Inks will last you a lifetime on your Custom Coaster projects because the ink permanently infuses versus layering.  Yes, that means through coffee stains and even the dishwasher.  This is great news for Mums and Dads because we all know how difficult it is to have nice things outlast the hurricane of children.  I’m kidding, I’m kidding, we love our kiddos… even if they are the messiest forces on Planet Earth.

Cricut Custom Coaster Designs Come In TWO Styles

One design for Cricut Coasters are CIRCLE shaped and made out of CERAMIC.

The second design shape is SQUARE and made out of CORK.

BOTH designs come in packs of FOUR.

Customizable coasters are great for personal use and gifts because they can made at a low cost with quality and long lasting material.  Square Cork Coasters are great for Etsy businesses because they are lighter in weight.  This will cost less money to ship so you can gain higher profit margins on your sales.

Custom Coaster Process With Your Cricut EasyPress 2

The Cricut Infusible Ink Pens used in your Cricut Maker Machine to draw your designs come in TWO different color sets.

Set #1 comes with NEON colors, and  include yellow, green, orange, red and blue.

Set #2 comes with NEUTRAL colors, and  include coral, dark green, purple, brown and black.

BOTH pen sets are available with 0.4 and 1.0 nib sizes.  Designs with more detail tend to work great with 0.4 nip tips because it gives more space between lines.  The delicate details are seen better with a finer line, but there may be times you want bold lines instead.

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens - introduction by The Hedgehog Hollow

I used the Cricut Design App to set our graphic size  for our Cricut Maker machine.

Once you are in Cricut app, you’ll need to set your specifics for your custom coaster.  Switch the machine from cut to draw and choose your nip size (0.4 or 1.0) depending on which pen is being used.  Choose your material setting, in this case will be paper.  We also had to choose the Mirror option for the Iron-On process.

I chose a Mandala Flower design on our Design App for our custom coaster.  Cricut will tell you to use laser paper for your design to be drawn.  I use regular printing paper and have never had an issue.  Stick your laser or print paper to your Cricut Copy Grip Paper

Choose your pen color and pop in into your Cricut Maker Machine.  You simply open up your pen slot, pop the tip of your pen in so it clicks and close it back up.  Easy!

Cricut Maker Infusible Ink pen custom coaster

The Cricut Maker Machine will make the steps easy for you and flash your next step on the screen.

The design drawn by the Cricut Maker will look duller than the infusible ink marker color, but really pops after the iron on process.

Cricut Maker Infusible Ink pen custom coaster easy press

Transfer Your Design Onto Your Custom Coaster With The EasyPress 2

Before we started we used the Heat Transfer Guide on Cricut.com which was very helpful, especially if you are a first time user.  The guide gives three drop downs to give step by step directions.

Cricut Infusible Ink sheet t shirt design heat guide

The 1st drop down is for which Easy Press you are using.  We chose CRICUT EASYPRESS 2.

The 2nd drop down  is for the Heat Transfer Material.  We chose PEN MARKER.

The 3rd drop down is for the Base Material.  We chose CERAMIC COASTER.

Your Heat Guide will now tell you the exact settings so you don’t have to worry.  This custom coaster project settings are 400 degrees for 240 seconds.  This iron on calls for no pressure and a cold peel, so you have to wait a few minutes to peel your design paper once finished.

Last Steps For Your Custom Coaster

Cricut Maker Infusible Ink pen custom coaster easy press small

The Heat Mat goes on bottom to protect your table top from any unwanted burn designs.  Place a piece of Butcher Paper on top and then your Design.  Your Blank Custom Coaster goes on top with the shiny side down, but I like to secure my coaster with Heat Resistant Tape.  Place another piece of Butcher Paper and then your EasyPress 2 and hit go!

Watch our YouTube video below and see it all come together!


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Happy Crafting

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Written by Sean Reed