Shaker Card Crafting Life Hack!

Whenever I receive a shaker card with confetti, I smile ear to ear.  This is why we enjoy making a shaker card for happy occasions.  We love making people feel special with a beautiful homemade card uniquely crafted.  When making Shaker Cards, you have a few options.

The Traditional Way – which takes about 20 minutes.


The Life Hack Way – which takes about 3 minutes!  Read on and check out our video tutorial below to see both ways in your shaker card making projects.

Traditional Way for Shaker Card Making

Your die set may come a few different ways.  Layering die designs will come with multiple sizes so you can fit a smaller acetate sheet over your base to hold the confetti.  Another way – is the design will have wide edges like a double die to cut both along the outer border AND the inner border.

These are our favorite because it makes is a bit more simple.  This gives you the exact sizes you need to lift your plastic for extra room to shake confetti.

Once you have your die designs cut out, tape them to your card base with Thermoweb tape.  Don’t be afraid to have fun and supply yourself with tools that make you happy like the Mermaid tape dispenser shown in our video!

Save Your Unused Shaker Card Supplies

Be sure not throw your die set plastic sleeves away because you can keep them for future shaker card projects as the plastic cover.  Sooner or later you will have a nice stock of supplies that keep you from having to order or run back and forth to the store.  Who doesn’t want to save money?

Place your die and card base in between your Gemini plates like an ice cream sandwich and run it through your die cutting machine.  We love, Love, LOVE our Gemini by Crafter’s Companion die cutting machine because it is so reliable and precise.

Once you have your cuts, you should have two cut outs – one a little smaller than the other.  The small die cut is used for the shaker card confetti pocket.  The larger of the two is used as the template for your plastic sheet.

You’ll also have the center shape cut out.  Remember what I said about saving the left overs pieces to build up your supplies and save money for future projects?  Well that goes for the center cut out too!  I like to save these for future paper crafting projects.

Next – take your template cut out and outline the design onto your acetate sheet with a pen or marker.  Cut your acetate design – we used the Tonic Studios Shearers because they don’t stick and are large enough to cut smooth edges.  It’s easier to cut the acetate by hand because you want it to be about 1/8 of an inch smaller than your die cut.  It does not need to be perfect because the edges will hide beneath your die cut border.

Use tear tape or liquid glue to stick your acetate down to the die cut.

We use Gina K. Connect Glue to glue the acetate.

Next we stick the adhesive foam along the border to elevate your shaker space for the confetti to dance.

FOUR – Shaker Card Adhesive Foam Options

Sizzix Tim Holtz Foam Adhesive You can run these through your Gemini Die Cutter and they come in black or white to better match your design color.

Stampin Up or Darice Adhesive Strips – These come in long and thin strips.

Foam Tape Foam tape is thick, and makes your handmade card a little more bulky.

Ranger Letter Adhesive Foam *This is what we use as very favorite.  The foam is clear which doesn’t stand out from your shaker card side view.  It also bends slightly so we can manipulate the adhesive foam along curvy borders.  PLUS… Our Hedgehog Hollow Perks members receive 15% off at Ranger every single day!

Line you die cut with your adhesive foam and make sure the corners have NO gaps or confetti will rain our of your shaker card the unintended way.

Before adding confetti, first use your powder deactivator.  We like to use the Nuvo powder deactivator to eliminate static clinging.  The helps keep you shaker card lively without the confetti sticking to the adhesive or acetate.

A common problem with making a shaker card is adding too much confetti.  It is always better to under fill than over fill.  A little bit goes along way.  Three scoops with a Tonic spoon is plenty for this specific shaker card project.

Remove the backing to your adhesive foam, center your card base and press down.  Be sure to give your shaker card a jiggle, shimmy and a wiggle to check for any gaps in your adhesive foam.  Your traditional shaker card will be complete after you add what every stamps, inks and/or gems of your choosing.

Now The Life Hack For Making  A Shaker Card!

The Shaker Card Sets by Tonic speeds the entire process up to minutes.  Tonic die designs such as Balloons, Hearts, and Christmas Trees.  The Tonic Shaker sets are great because you can buy refills.  The first set comes with 5 blisters one die.

In our video we use the Balloon die set.

Tape your die piece on your top card and run in through your Gemini Die Cutting Machine like before.

Place drops of your Gina K. Connect Glue on the top border of your balloon blister.  Pop your blister through the design cut you just made with the Gemini die cutting machine.  It’s best to let the glue dry slightly but if you’re pressed for time, you can push right through.

Your Shaker Card project, your rules!

Turn your card over and add your confetti.  Remember to not over fill with your confetti…  even though it may be very tempting!  The Tonic balloon blister already has adhesive, making the Shaker Card process even easier.

Peel off the adhesive cover, line up your backing card, and press down to seal.

The only steps left are adding your designs to the front of your Shaker Card.  For the balloon die design, we added balloon strings and it turned out gorgeous!

You Shaker Card is Complete!

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~Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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Happy Crafting!

Alexandra & The Prickle


Written by Sean Reed