If you’ve ever done crafts with alcohol inks or ink blending, then the answer is “YES”.  You have crafted with chemical reactions, but this craft is much more cool!

DIY Project with chemical reactions for the EXPERIENCED CRAFTER.

This crafting project is a unique one!  IKONART has a fun new tool called the IKONART Custom Stencil.


ikonart custom stencil kit chemical reactions

Image by ikonartstencil.com

I crafted a new t-shirt for my daughter Tilly with this IKONART custom stencil kit!  The chemical reaction process is fun and easy to create stencils without having to manufacture designs.

ikon art chemcial reacions final

Let’s get started!

In your IKONART kit you’ll receive a pack of light-sensitive film with the Smart Screen Stencil maker.

Be sure to leave the film in the pack until ready for use!

The Kit also provides special paper that exposes the black and yellow colors in your design.  (This matters with knowing what color design you’ll need to use to create your custom stencil)

It takes about 30-60 seconds for the UV light to do its magic.

You wont see much on the film at first.  We have to rinse the film, and because the UV hardens the film exposed – the design laid on top blocked the UV light stays soft and washes away under the pressure of the water.

The kid comes with a clip board to help hold your film for washing and it makes it super simple.

Let the film with your design now present, dry for 45 minutes.  IT MUST BE DRY.  You can use heating tools and hair dryers with caution because high heat will bubble the film some.

Once try, place the film back under the UV light for 30 more seconds to ensure everything is all dry.

Please the film and separate the layers to place on your material.  In this case we are making customer t-shirts!

Now we add paint on to the stencil openings and peel the film off the shirt!

ikon art chemical reactions reveal

Watch our video to follow along this new process!  The stencils you create are reusable can be made in so many sizes.

Check out our crafting with chemical reactions video below and imagine what creations you can craft with customized stencils!


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Written by Sean Reed




Happy Crafting!

Alexandra & The Prickle