Will My Infusible Ink Sheet Design Look Good On My T Shirt?

If you’ve bought a brand new graphic T Shirt at a clothing store recently, chances are you spent good money.  Graphic T Shirts can cost anywhere between $10 to $60 for a basic design print.  High end fashion stores can even cost you way over $100!  Well I have a way for you to customize your own T Shirt for pennies on the dollar.  It starts with Cricut’s Infusible Ink Sheet Designs.

Infusible ink sheets are great because the ink colors infuse into your polyester materials without having seems.  The infusible ink sheet design can last a lifetime too!

Here are some quick facts about your iron on transfer sheets.

The Cricut INFUSIBLE INK SHEET DESIGNS come in 27 different designs!  Packs can come in 1 to 4 design patterns and include butcher paper for your iron on transfers.

Transfer sheet designs are 12″ x 12″.

Infusible Ink sheet colors look much duller out of the box than the finished look after the heat transfer process.  The colors really pop after we iron them on as shown in our YouTube video below.

Be sure to watch our video where we show the infusible ink products and details on how to become a Hedgehog Hollow Perks Member.

My Infusible Ink Sheet Project Is A Guitar Designed With Word Art

I used the Cricut Design App to set our Guitar graphic to fit our shirt for our Cricut Maker machine.

Before we started we used the Heat Transfer Guide on Cricut.com which was very helpful, especially if you are a first time user.  The guide gives three drop downs to give step by step directions.

The 1st drop down is for which Easy Press you are using.  We chose CRICUT EASYPRESS 2.

The 2nd drop down  is for the Heat Transfer Material.  We chose INFUSIBLE INK TRANSFER SHEET.

The 3rd drop down is for the Base Material.  We chose T SHIRT.

Your Heat Guide will now tell you the exact settings so you don’t have to worry.  This infusible ink sheet project settings are 385 degrees for 40 seconds.

Let’s Make Our Shirts!

The heat mat goes on bottom to protect your table top from any unwanted burn designs.  Your blank white t shirt goes on top of the mat.

Place a piece of butcher paper inside the shirt because it protects the back of the shirt from your design.  The infusible ink sheet design goes on top of the shirt.  Place another piece of butcher paper between your Cricut Easy Press and your Infusible Ink Sheet.  You can now use heat resistant tape to help position your sticker design so it doesn’t shift.  The designs we use in this video are warm peels.  This means we can peel the paper off of our design while still a little warm without ruining the design.

Check out our step by step process video below and see how easy Infusible Ink Sheet projects can be!


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Written by Sean Reed