Hello and welcome to Day 11 of Inktoberfest with The Hedgehog Hollow and Tonic Studios USA! Niki here and I’m so happy to be guest designing today. I have one of my favorite topics to share with you: I’m going to tell you all about alcohol markers. They are, by far, my ideal tool to color stamped images.


I have two different types of alcohol markers to talk about: Nuvo Alcohol Markers and Chameleon pens. But first, a little bit of general marker info.


Alcohol Pens in General


The main difference between alcohol markers and water-based markers is that the colored dye is suspended in an isopropyl alcohol solution rather than traditional water. While each type of pen has its use and wonderful creative effects, I prefer the properties of alcohol markers for my card making projects.


Since the ink in these markers is mainly alcohol, they are usually permanent and waterproof. The only thing that can move alcohol ink is other alcohol inks, a colorless blender, or a solvent cleaning solution. That’s an excellent thing for paper crafters and mixed media artists because it means alcohol markers can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces.


It also means you don’t need as many colors in your collection. The alcohol allows for as much blending and layering as you like without damaging a paper’s structure. Especially with surfaces like bristol or heavyweight smooth cardstock, alcohol ink will not cause it to pill or tear.


Not only that, most brands of alcohol markers play nice with other brands! For example, Nuvo and Chameleon get along famously with one another 🙂


Nuvo Alcohol Markers


Y’all, I am really smitten with these markers. The barrels are oval shaped and very comfy to hold and use. Not only that, you don’t need to chase them around your desk since they won’t roll away! There’s a small bullet point tip for detail coloring and a chisel tip for larger areas. The colors lay down very smoothly.


An added bonus with these markers is that they come in sets of three blendable shades per package, so there’s no guesswork as to which colors go well together. You can even download a color swatch wheel from Tonic USA’s Facebook Group to fill out the colors you already have and keep track of the ones you need.


There’s also a metallic trio, but they are water based and should be used as the topmost layers or finishing touches on your designs.

Chameleon Pens

Chameleon pens have all the same properties as Nuvo Alcohol Markers. The differences are there’s a brushlike tip instead of the chisel, and there’s an added section to the marker (making them very long).


This added section contains another nib with colorless blender solution. You “plug in” the brush tip, wait a little bit while the blending solution soaks into the tip, pushing back the ink. Then you can color in gradients! The ink gradually turns from light to dark as the colored alcohol ink works its way back to the tip. It’s a super cool effect!


Coloring with Alcohol Markers

I colored the cute little hedgie (from the August Hedgehog Hollow box) on my card today with Nuvo Markers, and it turns out she was perfect for demonstrating alcohol ink.


You see, I didn’t have the brown set of Nuvo markers, so I had to make my own. By layering a yellow with a purple, my hedgehog came out a beautiful reddish brown. And, since it is alcohol ink, I could go back over it several times to deepen the color and add depth.


Then for the hedgie’s body, I used a warm gray and dabbed the tip of my colorless blender over the colored area. This lifts the ink a bit, creating lighter spots and giving her tummy a mottled appearance.



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Thanks for reading!

<3 Niki