Hi Hollowers!

First of all welcome to our new readers; we are so happy to see how excited you all are to be part of Inktoberfest! Today I am covering distress inks and an in introduction to the family of distress products.  Each day I am going to create a tag – or maybe tags! to show you some comparisons and different techniques; I will add these to a book ring so that at the end of the month I will have a great quick reference guide on inks and techniques; if you don’t have an ink then why not use something different or just create some notes on that day; you could also insert a blank tag the that days name so if you get them in future you could come back to them; the tags im using are also in the description below.  There are 60 colors in the distress range, look at how pretty the rainbow is!

Distress inks were my first adventure into stamping; I had seen Tim at a show in England around 13 years ago (maybe even more) and I just fell in love with the techniques.  At the time he had a brown suitcase that came out in a few colors and I ended up finding the pink on on eBay for crazy money but I loved it and only recently did I decided to get rid of it; it had embellishment holders and 12 x 12 storage; it was awesome! Anyway, enough reminiscing! Let’s get stuck into todays tags!

Aren’t they so versatile? I love them and working on my glass mat has been a game changer; I have linked everything below for you; I’d also recommend you check out the Ranger Ink site (click here) to explore the full range of everything distress and beyond! Also you can find the organization and color swatch charts here. (Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you)

As I mentioned yesterday Tonic will have a coupon for you every day; today’s coupon is NUVO20 which is good for 20% off the Nuvo tools category; click here to shop the collection. Coupon valid from noon EST /10/2/18 to noon EST 10/3/18.

Thanks so much for stopping by today; I hope you enjoy the rest of Inktoberfest, I’ll be back tomorrow with distress oxides!

Happy Stamping

Alexandra & The Prickle