Hi Hollowers!

While we were at Creativation this past year (2019) we were given some Chameleon Color Tops to play with. Greg, Mr HH, was quite intrigued by them. Now I’ve done a review in the past on Chameleon Markers, and I found that they weren’t for me. Crafting tools are always such a personal choice; what works for one crafter might not work for another crafter. I had found the Chameleon Markers to be hard to get the blending I wanted and therefore weren’t for me. However, I know a lot of people love them.

I also wrote about Chameleon Markers during Inktoberfest, read my thoughts here.

With this in mind, but keeping my mind open, I’ve decided to unbox them and showcase how the Color Tops work.

Chameleon gave me these markers, but all opinions are my own

I like it when my expectations are exceeded. I was very pleasantly happy to discover how these markers worked, compared to just using them with the colorless blender portion. I also very much appreciate the price point. I know that Copics, and some of the other more expensive alcohol markers out there, are difficult for some crafters to afford. It is really nice to know that there is a more inexpensive option out there!

For links to the products I’ve used see below, affiliate links were used at no additional cost to you:

I hope you found this video helpful!

Happy Coloring!
Alexandra & the Prickle