Hi Hollowers!

Who doesn’t love the incredible genius of Tim Holtz? He never fails to hit it out of the park, and he didn’t fail this time. There were some products that I JUST had to have! There were even some that were in the same feel as our January Hedgehog Hollow Box! Geometric is very on trend right now.

Want to see the ones I NEEDED?

There are so many more dies to this release, you’ll see below in the links. Which ones do you need?

Now, I know that a lot of people are intimidated by the steel rule larger dies. Some people don’t know if it can work in their machine or not. Well, the answer is: Maybe. I know, that is frustrating, but you really should look at your machine’s manual. However, there is this handy sandwich guide by Sizzix. It includes which dies work with different Sizzix machines.  I also looked into whether you can cut steel rule dies in the Gemini and I can’t I do have the Vagabond machine which is also in the links below; but I also just added to my stash with the new blush limited edition Sizzix machine, how could I resist this pink and rose gold beauty? (if you want to know more just click the image)

We LOVE the Sizzix Sandwich if you haven’t seen it you should! It is a really handy reference for your dies!

Want to see everything in this new release? Affiliate links were maybe at no additional cost to you:

Have a great weekend Hollowers, stay warm; we are due for cold temperatures and lots fo snow; it’s also ten years since Greg and I started dating (again), we were originally high school sweethearts before I thought the grass was greener one the other side…it wasn’t of course; but we are going to spend some time as a family watching movies and snuggling by the fire, but I’m sure they’ll be some crafting too; there’s also a new Hedgehog Hollow Happy Hour!

Happy Die Cutting!
Alexandra & the Prickle