Hi Hollowers!

Have you been following our journey over the last few days? It has been insanely busy, we had two great tutorials tuesday and Wednesday; but I have also been preparing for two segments on Make It Arty; a show hosted by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  It airs in the fall on PBS, you can be sure I will be telling you as soon as I know the air dates!! I had a blast filming the segments, this is one of my favorite photos from the sidelines…

There is so much work to prepare for each 8 minute segment; in samples, step-outs, designing a project, the hair, make-up and travel; plus it’s over in a flash! It was a great day, Julie is an amazing host and it really is like crafting with a friend.  On top of this is box week! International boxes will go out tomorrow and the rest over the weekend ready for the 1st! I have also launched my first online class!! We are calling it Christmas in July but you can use the cards for any occasion, they are all cards that flip, flop or fold! Plus its on sale only until July 1st, we also have a few extra benefits for class member, go take a look and sign up here.

Back to my thought a village, I am feeling very thankful today for my village; it does take a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to do most things and creating your business is no exception.  I am so grate for all the members of the Hollow village. You don’t always get to see the village.  Of course there’s Mr HH who does all our media, videography and photography plus he picks up with the girls, runs for take out, rewires my room when I change it on a whim! We are very much a team and this week was our wedding anniversary; thank you for all the well wishes, while it’s 3 years of marriage, we have known each other 15 years and been together for 9 years!

I love how the girls get involved, it’s wonderful to be able to work from home, Tilly joined me for some quick live videos today, Maddi is of the age where it’s not cool to be on camera with Mum, but she loves to pitch in with boxes and earn some extra pocket money! We have two interns this summer, Amber originally applied to a nanny position we were looking for but as a Studio major was perfect to get involved in the business and I could not be more thankful for all her help everyday, she has single hand-idly managed the building and filling of boxes this month in assembling and filling so many boxes.  We also have Emi who joined us last week, she was a God-send at PBS today, she is also designing the most amazing stamp sets for next months box; she also has some fun updates coming on our videos plus she’s coming to Salt Lake City to bring you all the latest from the show floor! Stay tuned!!

I also have two amazing supports in the form of Marcia who manages our design team, makes sure the inspiration keeps flowing out, sorts out all our guest designers and keeps me in check, ensuring the DT boxes go out so they have time to create ideas for you when you are crafting!  I love Marcia’s crafting, she made the ‘you’ll find me at the Hollow’ sign you see behind me, go follow her blog The Flocking Fairy, you will love her style too i’m sure!  Last but by no means least is Hannah, you will want to follow her over at Fanciful Spaces; she lives about an hour from me and has been amazing at popping over this summer to help out in so many ways, she manages all the admin of the boxes, helps packing, keeps me in check with designing and ordering, thats no easy task either! I cannot thank all these people enough for supporting me in growing Hedgehog Hollow and I hope they will continue to stay on the journey with me as we grow!

Finally, I must thank all of you, without readers and followers like you who loyally come back to the Hollow for you inspiration; thank you, every comment, every view, every time you shop through our links we are so thankful you chose the Hollow.  Whether you have been on this crazy ride for the last 15 months or if this is your first post, welcome and know you are part fo the Hedgehog Hollow family.

In reflection it’s been a great day and I’m feeling thankful all round.  Stay tuned for even more surprises coming your way, more inspiration, tutorials and of course we will be covering all the Independence Day sales, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter, check the crafty sales page and our crafty sales facebook group, here.

As always happy stamping

Alexandra & The Prickle