Some of Our Favorite Educational Products that Help Time Go By and Keep the Learning Going.

Join us to see which kid tested parent approved items we recommend to have during the stay at home order. All of these products are Educational and promote learning and creativity.

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Osmo Create learning system

Osmo | Walmart / Amazon /

The Osmo Learning Game System is a kit compatible with Apple Ipad or Kindle Fire. There are many different kits that rage in age from 3-12. Activities range from letter and word recognition to coding and more. We got the Creative Kit and both girls loved it. Whatever you draw on the board is registered on the app by the camera.

Make Crate subscription box

Make Crate|

This one was Maddi’s favorites on this list. Make Crate is a monthly subscription box that supplies you with everything to make a fun machine every month. It comes with online access to their website that gives step by step guide on how to use your kit and how to use code to make it do what you want.

Peekaboo Beans Explorers Club subscription box

Peekaboo Beans Explorers Club |

Peekaboo Beans Explorers Club is a children’s subscription box recommended for ages 3-6. Each box comes with a book and activities. After you read the book there are activities in the app that correspond with the book. There is also a badge in each box and an activity. This box has a little felt board in which you can dress felt dolls up for adventure. This box was a hit for Tilly. She loved dressing up the dolls and reading the story.

Disney Learn Workbook and flash cards

Disney Learning | Amazon / Walmart

Since school has been dismissed to online for the rest of the year we are still working on our education and prepping for kindergarten. Bringing their favorite characters into their work adds a little bit of fun to that work.

Choose Your Own Adventure Books | Walmart / Amazon

These were one of my favorites growing up. They are great because each book can be read many times and turn out different. Promoting reading is a great educational tool to help discover language. These books come in two different reading levels for beginners and chapter book level.

Sight word and addition flash cards

Think Tank Scholar

Flash Cards are always a great tool to use for little ones. Tilly is focusing on her sight words currently and this is a great tool she can use herself or with someone else.

Plus Plus Taco

Plus Plus Kits | Amazon / Walmart

Plus Plus Kits are great for building and using imagination. There are many different kits from small food kits to large miscellaneous kits to make anything you want.

SmART Products| Amazon / Walmart

SmART has a line of products that promote creativity and imagination. The Sketcher and Pixelator have memory cards that you can put images on and it will show them so you can draw or use beads to create images. There are many diffrent kits you can get for these from princesses to cars.


Goodtimer | Amazon /

The Goodtimer is a device that helps promote good behavior. It uses a story and reward coins to promote positive behavior and good choices. This is great for kids that are now home a lot more than they usually are and struggling with the change.

Thank you for following along to our top educational tools for quarantine let me know in the comments what is helping you get through this time!

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