Hello folks, Adam here with a fairly quick and simple no coloring Christmas card. The Hedgehog Hollow Subscription Box with its large sentiment stamps lends itself to this type of card making. I used stamps from the ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’ Stamp Set. Follow along and you will see how fast you can make all of your holiday cards.

The first step was to decide on the size of the card to make. After measuring the size of the stamp I wanted to use I decide a standard A-2 card would work. I picked white dark teal and navy blue as the colors for my card stock. The order was decided by arranging the sheets in different orders until I liked the look. Next I cut the paper in standard layers’ sizes.

The next step was to emboss the sentiment onto the navy layer. I then added some embossed snowflakes to the layer. I felt the card was a bit plain so I cut scallops down the two edges. I felt it would be to much if I did all four sides.

The final step was to assembly the layers. Again I felt I needed to add more to complete the card so I added a few tiny gems to add a bit of sparkle. I also added the stripes down both sides of the sentiment to frame it and add more color to the inside of the card front.

Any of the vertical stamps in this month’s box could be used to make this card. Color choices made will give the card your personality too.

Here is the same card made with a few minor changes that alter the overall feeling of the card.