Hello friends, welcome back to another live crafting video (prerecorded) featuring March’s subscription box.

How are you all staying sane during these crazy times we are living? I am so thankful to have stamping and crafting to keep my mind occupied and away from scary news.

Life has been chaotic and crazy this past couple of weeks, that’s for sure. So today I wanted to bring you a little piece of happiness in the form of a handmade card and I am teaching you how to make it step by step.

You have seen me feature this stamp before, and that’s because I just love it. I decided I am taking this time at home to make lots of crafts and cards for later on when we are back to our normal regularly scheduled lives. At this pace, I should have cards ready for the next couple of years! Haha. What do you do to help you pass the time?

Any-who, onto this week’s card. You all know I do daily lives on Facebook, right? You can find me crafting every single day over in Facebook land. That’s where I made this awesome card.

I wanted this card to be super easy with very little coloring required. I was inspired by the “crafty girl” stamp and I wanted to incorporate it into yet another card project. This time around I went with different color cardstock for every layer and added the soft detail of the stitched heart stamped next to the main circle.

I’m telling you, this was so easy and so quick to make. I would love if you would try this design and post it on our various social media for everyone to see.

Head on over to the link below to watch me make this card:

Have you made anything with this month’s subscription box?

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see next week!