Hello, my Hedgehog Hollow Friends,

I can’t believe another week has come and gone already!  Although time seems to have become a nonpriority now with all of the coronavirus stuff going on, it’s still weird to wake up one day and realize its time for another blog.

I hope you are all staying well and healthy, and that somehow you have found a way to get used to our new reality. I know crafting has been my personal outlet and I hope you have been able to find comfort in card making and watching crafty lives on Facebook.

For today’s blog I bring you a live video I just did on my business Facebook page over at My Life In My Craft Room, I kept it short and to the point and even had lots of things prepared beforehand, can you believe it!? That’s totally not like me at all but I am trying to make my Hedgehog Hollow lives short and to the point so as to not bore you. 

The project I created during said live was inspired by one of the stencils that came in the May Subscription box, what a versatile stencil it is! It can be used for creating charts, color wheels, color samples, I can even see someone making a card with it to create some kind of target for our hunters out there, it would pair very well with the masculine elements that came in the previous month’s box too!

Anywho, here is the link for your enjoyment, make sure to like my page to keep up with the daily lives I do and leave me a comment down here and let me know what your favorite part of the live was.

Thanks for tuning in this week and I will see you all again next week with another project.